Hunting Preserve & Shooting Range

Second Saturday of Every Month ~ IDPA Match

Welcome to H2O Fowl Farms, LLC

H2O Fowl Farms is a 118 acre farm owned and operated by Andy Howard and son Drew Howard. Andy has 25+ years of water fowling experience while son Drew has 10+ years of experience. Together the two have formed a service that fulfills a water fowlers dream by providing guided mallard hunts to the public. Recently the two have expanded the business to allow for upland game hunts offering guided hunts for quail and ducks.

About H2O Fowl Farms, LLC

H20 fowl farms offers great diversity in that we offer settings to meet the hunters needs from open water hunting to flooded timber impoundment hunts. Located just a few miles of I-95 and US 301 we are easily locatable. Here at H2O fowl farms we only use the finest of water fowling equipment including our state of the art portable duck blind. See for yourself what we have to offer and we promise to grant you an "unforgettable water fowling experience."

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Coming Soon to H2O

  • Saturday, Oct 29, 2016: 5th Saturday Mega-B.U.G. - Registration 8am-9am - Match starts at 9am ~ IDPA Classifier as a Match in the afternoon (as soon as possible after the BUG match)
  • Saturday, Nov 5, 2016: Ricky Harris - Handgun Accuracy Clinic Detailed Flyer
  • Sunday, Nov 6, 2016: DST Ends - Clocks go back, match start time forward. - Registration 9-10am - 10am Start
  • Saturday, Nov 12, 2016: 2nd Saturday IDPA - Registration 9-10am - 10am Start - 1 Second Per Down Point

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