Cease Fire

Aug. 26, 2012:

Until further notice there is to be NO SHOOTING at H2O except:

  • 2nd Saturday Match(es) – Currently IDPA Scheduled for Saturday September 8th, 2012.
  • 3rd Saturday Johnson County 4H.
  • Any hunting already scheduled.
  • September and October ‘filming’ already scheduled.

All ranges (pistol/rifle) and traps/stands (skeet/shotgun) are CLOSED ON SUNDAY.

PPSB, Law Enforcement and Concealed Carry Qualifications MUST BE coordinated with Andy Howard directly. No ‘standing arrangements’ for Certified Instructors to ‘use the range’ are valid after August 26th.  Contact Mr. Howard ( h2ofowlfarms@gmail.com ) to schedule classes and/or qualifications.

* * * The Long Version * * *

An ‘issue‘ has come up that H2O is ‘going to do everything we can‘ to resolve and work through with the hopes of eventually returning to a more complete schedule and full-service offering.  We are NOT going to detail the ‘issue‘ any further than to say that it is NOT a safety or personal injury issue. During the ‘almost year’ since H2O opened the ‘shooting range(s)’ we have had literally thousands of shooters and visitors without incident or accident.  We are proud of our safety record and extremely proud of, and grateful to, all of our customers for their safe (and fun) experiences with us.

The first ‘to do’ of ‘going to do everything we can’ is, unfortunately and sadly, to extremely limit the ‘active shooting’ times at the range.  We know this is going to be very difficult for our customers.  We hope that we can coordinate and accommodate as many of you as possible during this time of ‘restrictive/limited scheduling’.

Please, check back here (our weblog/website), check our facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/h2ofowlfarms?ref=stream ) and:

  • Come to the 2nd Saturday Match (Sept. 8: 8-9am register; 9am shoot)
  • Come support the Johnson County 4-H on the 3rd Saturday (8am – ‘lunchtime’)
  • Contact us about: hunting ~ ‘fall starts hunting season’; group scheduling; class/qualification scheduling (CCH, PPSB, LEO).

…for more information and updates.

…and to help/support us as we ‘work through this issue’.

Thank You,

H2O Fowl Farms