Speed Is Fine Accuracy is Final (re scores)

8.14.2012 ~ More apologies ~ More discussion ~ Announcement: ‘The August 11th IDPA scores will be (re)posted ASAP (ASAP=when they are right, verified, reviewed etc).’

Credit for the title:
‘…speed is fine, but accuracy is final.’
~Larry Vickers


The previously posted ‘August 11, 2012 IDPA Overall Scores’ contained some (quite a few) errors.  We are very sorry for this and are working to get ‘corrected’ scores (overall and individual stages) posted to the site.

The second ‘We are sorry’ (from H2O) is:  We apologize that we do not (yet) have the technology in-place for ‘instant/final scoring of matches’.  And, we are sorry that so many have been given the impression that match results would be ‘same day’ or ‘within some [timeframe] after the match ends’.  This impression and ‘our best intentions’ (to get results up fast) leads us to the problem we have had this time.


In ‘haste‘ to get ‘something‘ up/out faster, faster, faster: (1)software glitches (2)scoresheet mis-markings (3)data-entry mistakes (4)web-guy lack of review before posting (5)other things ~ all led to ‘a scoresheet’ being posted, but not ‘a correct scoresheet’.  Which goes back to the title (…speed is fine…).

We (really) want to get match (IDPA in particular this time, but all matches) results out fast.  We have a lot of people (IDPA S.O.s, Amp, Steven, the Howards, the web-page guy, the web-site-master) and a lot of ‘tech’ (IDPA rules/sheets, computers, score software, document conversion software, web-master-installed DIY web-page software) all dedicated to getting results published as fast as possible.  All of the ‘a lot of people’ discuss often the topic of ‘how do we use all of us and all of that technology to get results (accurate/final results) out to the shooters faster’?

(…but accuracy is final.)
The only answer we have right now: We are working on it, we are sorry for the speed, but we are only going to publish results when we are satisfied that they are right.  Some matches (again IDPA) ‘might be that day’, some ‘might be within a couple/few days’, eventually we will figure out some way to get the results out ‘very close to real-time’.

We will update the ‘Ranges’ / Matches Info sections to include something about when scores (results) can be expected.  We (H2O) do NOT score the ‘Zombie Matches’, that is done by ZSA and it took ‘a few days’ after the first ZSA @ H2O match.

Tip / Pointer / Message for the Shooters:

Message 1: We (H2O and IDPA) try to ‘keep it friendly and fun’ and ‘not so much about the scores’ anyway.  We know, however, that the ‘results benchmark’ is probably 1/2 of what brings people out to matches.  Remember we’re not just ‘the match club presidents…’  We are all ‘shooters’ at these matches as well and want to see our results.

Tip/Pointer 1: The IDPA rulebook ( http://www.idpa.com/Documents/IDPARuleBook2005.pdf ) says that ‘Scores are the shooter’s responsibility.’ (Paraphrased and emphasis added.)  Please, check your score before leaving the stage (there is even an ‘initial box’ for you to sign approval on each sheet) and discuss anything you do not understand (or any ‘problem’ you have) with the Safety Officer (SO).  If you have a complaint or problem and do not feel you are getting ‘a fair ruling’ from the SO he/she will ~happily~ call over another SO or a ‘Senior’ or a Range Officer (RO) to settle anything regarding the score.

Tip/Pointer 2: Use ‘smart phones’ smart.  Take a ‘cell/smart phone’ picture of all of your score/stage sheets before the SO turns them in.  Not only will you have a ‘photo’ of your sheets, you will see anything ‘that raises your eyebrows’ while taking the pix.

Final Message: We (H2O and IDPA) are ‘really, truly, totally’ thankful to every shooter and spectator for your attendance, support, and friendly competition at these matches – we have had nine great matches this year and we know ‘who makes that possible’.  We (H2O, it is not IDPA’s fault) are ‘extra’ thankful to all of you for your patience and understanding while we work out this scores/results ‘bug’.  We’re sorry, and we’ll do better next time.