NC Justice Academy Charity Shooting Match Nov 10 2012

North Carolina Justice Academy Charity Challenge
Shooting Match Saturday November 10, 2012
At the Salemburg (East) Campus

Sept 8, 2012: At the IDPA match this morning the NCJA Charity Challenge was announced by Chad.

All the details at their facebook page:

This is an ‘all volunteer’ effort and all of the money is going to charity.  Visit the facebook page (above) for all the details.

H2O Fowl Farms will NOT have our 2nd Saturday IDPA Match in November to support this event.  Please, join us in Salemburg that day.  We have not had time to plan an alternate November IDPA Match date – we’ll post here and our facebook page when we figure out if it will be ‘rescheduled’ or ‘just cancelled’.