September 8 2012 IDPA

September 8, 2012 IDPA Match (and Scores) Notes

#1 – Thanks to all the shooters for coming out and shooting another great and fun match.

And, thanks to everyone (Amp, SO’s, IDPA ‘folks’, Allen) for setting up, running, cleaning up and all that they do to make these matches go.  The ‘buzz’ was that everyone really liked the AR and shotgun stages, and – of course – the blind stage.  Very challenging.

Thanks to Steven F. for doing the scores while not able to shoot the match and packing to go out of town.  Here’s links if you didn’t get them at the main page:
* Overall Scores
* Individual Stages

Here’s the only note ‘the web guy’ sees about the score sheet: At least one shooter was using a revolver (SSR) this match and was classified as SSP.  This is because they had previously shot matches using a semi-automatic (SSP) and ‘the IDPA software’ recalls their class/division with their name.  As always, email if you have ‘issues’ but read last month’s over-long web post about scores first, please.

Thanks Again, and now please read the page/weblog entry about:

North Carolina Justice Academy Match November 10th, 2012.

(above link/post not active yet 2:12pm 9.9.12)