10.13 Match Scores and Some Notes

Sunday, October 14, Yesterday’s IDPA @ H2O Match Scores are posted:

The match was a great one:
* The new ‘almost-300-degree’ bay stage made for a good scenario/stage layout that was fun and new.  An interesting note: almost everyone was “down-zero” on the target ‘at your six’ (almost directly behind the starting chair).  More on that later.
* The ‘shotgun start’ worked out well again.  Everyone seemed to be able to get through all the stages much faster than when grouped.  A very special thanks to the SOs – it is a lot more work on them this way, but (we think) much better for the shooters.
* Thanks to Steven F. for putting the scores together.
* Thanks to all of you for coming out and making the match (and making it a good one).

A couple (few) reminders:
* We will have a ten-stage rimfire match on Saturday, October 27th.  Registration/Orientation at 8am – start shooting at 9am.
* The November IDPA @ H2O match will be held on Saturday, November 24th.
– November 10th is the Justice Academy Charity Challenge: http://www.facebook.com/NCJACharityChallenge
– It was decided at the 10.13 match to start registration at 8am and shooting at 9am for the November 24th match.  We will announce then if we are returning to ‘winter hours’ (start shooting at 10) for the December match.
* There will be a Tactical Rimfire Match immediately after the IDPA match on November 24th.
* Until further notice: all ranges are closed on sunday (sorry).