11.24.12 IDPA Scores

Here’s the scores for the IDPA match Saturday, November 24, 2012.

Note(s): The sheets got uploaded before the following were corrected:
– Duane S has a ‘too low’ time for Stage 6 – Chad Thompson is the ‘real’ Stage 6 ‘Best Time’
* The time added back would not affect the CDP Novice rankings
– Jim K  has a ‘too low’ time for Stage 3 – Chad Thompson is the ‘real’ Stage 3 ‘Best Time’
* The time added back moves Jim down to 10th/11th in the SSP Unclassified rankings
** Errors and Questions (SO or Scorekeeping) ‘go to the shooter’ so we are letting them stand as is.

Congrats Chad on the overall match.

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages

Most Accurate Shooters