2 Matches

Saturday, November 24th 2012 we will hold two matches.

In the morning: IDPA – 6 Stages – 150 estimated round count – 8am-9am orientation, registration, briefings – 9am start.

In the afternoon (immediately after IDPA and a short break for the SOs and directors to eat lunch and reset the stages): Our first Tactical Rimfire match.  The stages will be ‘IDPA like‘ (bad guys and ‘no shoots’) and there is 6 of them.  All of the ‘rules’ are not ‘in stone’ yet so the estimated round count is: bring a lot of ammo and have fun (150-200, may be less but it’s rimfire (.22) so bring lots).  Handguns or rifles – loading/reloading and ‘ready position’ starting will be explained in the p.m. briefing.  For sure you need: a .22 caliber gun, a spare magazine or two (for the handguns).

Shoot either match for $15.00 (per gun) or both for $25.00.

If you shoot IDPA with one gun in the a.m. and the Tactical Rimfire with 2 guns in the p.m. your total will be $40.00 ($25.00 for one gun-two matches; $15 for the 2nd rimfire gun).

As of 3:20pm friday we still don’t have a confirmation on concessions.  We’ll post as soon as we know.