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FALL 2012
‘New and Re-Newal Shooters Introduction Day’
‘…to the Competitive Handgun Sports…’

News: For Immediate Release July 27, 2012.

On July 26th, 2012 some of North Carolina’s ‘best’ met at H2O to begin plans for a ‘very special, multi-discipline (multi-sport), introduction/orientation day’.

The ‘rough draft’ and meeting were ‘put together’ by John at ZSA. The who’s-who who got together:

  • Andy Howard – H2O Fowl Farms
  • Steven Frye – H2O Fowl Farms
  • John ‘Z’ – ZSA
  • Chad Thompson – USPSA/IPSCNC Justice Academy (unofficial/off-duty)
  • Amp Mangum – IDPA
  • Damon Woodall – IDPA & Multi-Gun
  • and one (going to remain anonymous) web-page writer

The original concept and some amazing ‘multi-use stage’ design (by John Z) is to setup one or two stages for each of IDPA, USPSA, and ZSA and have everyone get a ‘look at and introduction to’ each of these organizations (associations) rules, scoring, targets, philosophies, everything. An Introduction to ‘all of the main’ sport- or competetive-handgun disciplines (associations).

(This anonymous web-page writer is destroying their great meeting and great ideas.)

What ‘got’ decided or ‘put out there’ for further discussion and thought (by everyone):

  • It will have to be in Fall (probably October) when the weather is better (cooler) and everyone has had time to work it into their schedules.
  • It will need to be heavily advertised – and discussed at length in the ‘forums’ ( Carolina Shooters Club and NCSection and facebook ).
  • It will have to be re-named or explained that this is not ‘just for new shooters’. This is for everyone who is interested in shooting. ‘New Shooter’ could mean ‘new to IDPA, been shooting USPSA for years’.
  • It must be made clear that ‘we’ really would like the opportunity to ‘un-do’ the ‘bad experiences’ some shooters out there may have had with groups/associations/affiliated ranges. (~Amp)
  • It must be made clear that ‘we’ really want to encourage younger shooters or parent-child shooting, and that youth/juniors should get a ‘good experience’ out of any shooting they do – especially if ‘Association Affiliated’ or ‘Matches’. (~John Z & Damon)
  • ‘We’ have to figure out a way to get Law Enforcement (LEOs) more involved with shooting. Many LEOs are discouraged by ‘the disadvantages of Duty-Gear’ (slow) -vs- ‘race-gunners’ (always faster just because of ‘retention’). ‘We’ have to figure out ways to make them feel more welcome and less ‘disadvantaged’. (~Chad) ‘I understand what they are feeling, I don’t want to go anywhere (golf or guns) and lose.’ (~Damon) [All agree: Associations, shooters in general, ranges in general have ‘got to’ do something to encourage our LEOs to get some ‘range-time’ in].
  • It needs to be stressed (at this event and other events) that all of the Associations (IDPA, NRA, USPSA, ZSA) need ‘dues paying members‘. The benefits and ‘what they do’ for/with those Dues-$ need to be ‘out there’ for everybody to understand.

There was much more discussed and an amazing amount of good ideas from ‘The Gun-Men’. What all of them need from you (shooters or ‘just people reading this page who aren’t gun peopleyet‘) is input and feedback. What do you think of this kind of ‘Event’? Would you participate/attend? Do you have a business that could benefit from ‘Sponsoring/Advertising/Setting Up A Booth’ at a sport-gun event that could have hundreds of shooters and/or spectators?

Ideas, comments, answers to the above questions:
– post in the forums ( Carolina Shooters Club and NCSection ),
– post on facebook,
– email: (we will keep your privacy/email address private, but may ‘use’ your text/idea in the forums or on facebook discussions – indicate in the email your privacy preference)

Updates to this ‘news release’ (plan announcement) will be here (and on our facebook and our weblog) as ‘the plan starts to come together’.