IDPA Classifier 12.8.12

** Updated 12.10.12 **

Scores v2 (name/spelling corrections):

** Updated 12.9.12 **

Scores (unofficial) are done: *removed*

A Back-Up Gun (BUG) Match was held as well:

Congratulations (1*) and thanks (2*) to Chad Ward.
1. The only ‘Classified Expert’ at the match/classifier.
2. Did it (1) while working S.O. without any breaks or relief for 7 hours.

Special Thanks to Robert Parker – score sheets and doing scores. See the FB post.

Thanks to all the S.O.s and – as always – to all of the shooters for another great match.

—– Original Below —–

Saturday’s match will be the IDPA Classifier.

Full details at the IDPA Website:

IDPA Members:
Remember to bring your IDPA membership number to the match.

– If you are not an IDPA member (with your number) on Saturday, December 8th then the match is ‘just a match’ and ‘a practice run of the classifier’ and you can see your score when they get posted at H2O’s site. Check your score against the chart at IDPA’s site to see what your ‘classification’ would be.
Option 2: Join the IDPA!
* Go to and follow the ‘Online Membership Application’ link.
* Complete the application and payment by 12:00pm (noon) Eastern Time on Thursday and you can call them on Friday (12.7) after 12:00pm Eastern and get your number.
* You can complete the application and make the payment 24/7 but give them at least one full business day to be able to get you your number over the phone.

Registration, briefings, door-prizes from 9:00am-10:00am, start shooting at 10:00am.