Jan 2013 IDPA Matches

2nd Saturday (Regular) Match: January 12th.
The weather forcasts all say “unseasonably warm” – 70s.
The food/beverage vendor has confirmed that they will be here Saturday.
Registration/Orientation from 9:00am until 10:00am.
Shooting starts at 10:00 a.m.
1.14.13: 94 Shooters – 97 Guns, it was a great match. Thanks everyone!
Scores: Overall Scores ~ Individual Stages ~ Most Accurate

4th Saturday BUG Match ( IDPA, H2O & Tarheel Targets )
This month we are planning a Back Up Gun (BUG) IDPA match for the 4th Saturday, the 26th.
This will be instead of a rim-fire match.
Full-Sized guns will be allowed – a ‘slightly modified’ BUG match – but magazines will have to be loaded to ‘small-gun’ capacities.
BUG matches have a lower round count than regular matches.
As we get more details from the planners we will update this post.

1.14.2013 Update re: BUG Match

We spoke with Allen over at Tarheel Targets at the Saturday Match and here are the details we have so far:
* 6 Stages (Split into two five-round strings each)
* No reloads ‘on the clock’ (reloads happen between strings)
* There will be NO drawing or concealment – stages will start with the gun at ‘low ready’, boxed, bagged, in a drawer, retrieved from a table/stand, etc.
* non-BUG guns (longer than 3.5-inches) are allowed – BUT, shooters using full-sized guns will get one ‘procedural penalty (3 seconds)’ per stage for the length (18 seconds total penalty).
* Tarheel Targets (Allen) will provide several options of ‘loaner gear’ (sub-compact semi-automatics and ‘snub’ revolvers) to those who want to shoot and do not have ‘BUGs’.  There will be no ‘rental fees’ or hidden charges for using ‘borrowed gear’ to shoot the match. (** next)
* You will need to bring your own ammunition if you ‘borrow a BUG’. Guns available: 9mm, 38 Special (no +P), 380ACP, 40 S&W.
* If you are interested in using Tarheel Target’s gear  please contact Allen Pier (go to http://www.tarheeltargets.com for the info) and R.S.V.P. and make any arrangements ASAP.
* Price: the ‘regular’ $15.00 per shooter per gun match fee.

Food/Beverage Vendor Status: 1.14.13 Unknown.