Saturday May 11 2013 IDPA

News of the week:  The new IDPA rule book is available for ‘preview and comments’.  Check it out at

The weather report (wral’s says 83-85 degrees tomorrow, with a “slight chance” of showers or storms in the afternoon.  Chicken Little’s report of “going to rain all day Saturday” is ~ hopefully ~ wrong.  83-85 is *hot* – concealment garments should not be ‘winter gear’.  If you are planning to wear shorts over winterized legs: remember your sunscreen.

Registration and Orientation: 8:00am-9:00am. Shooting starts at 9:00am.

The bad news/good news item for Saturday: Chad won’t be here.
Bad news because we’ll miss you Chad and we don’t get to see and be *awed* by your shooting.
Good news because someone else gets to top the standings this time.

Scores (Adobe pdf files):

May 11th 2013 Overall

May 11th 2013 Individual Stages

May 11th 2013 Most Accurate Shooters

Thanks for a great match everybody.

Thanks again to Shari, Tim and Andy for the fast scores.