June 29 2013 Matches and Scores

Thanks EVERYONE (it’s like Thanksgiving in June) – for two great matches today.
– SOs/ROs, scorekeepers
– Amp and Allen (MDs & great stages)
– all of you who came out and shot with us (and kept scores, pasted targets, cleaned up brass…)
– Brandon for the help, the timer, and the battery (we’ll ‘get flush’ with you next match)
Thanks, thanks, thanks…

We had a lot of youth/junior shooters today – thank you guys for coming and your parents for bringing you!

Special Notes on some of the youth:
~ Austin Jones – congrats on the good grades, the gun, and good job shooting today.
~ “Mister J” (Jack Simons) – Happy 15th! and, yes, you beat your dad in the BUG match.
~ “Miss Mason” ~ Happy 15th Birthday (again), we are glad you chose to spend your big day shooting it up with us.  And great work with that revolver in the BUG match.

To the scores (and 10x thanks to Shari for having all the scores done so fast):

The “Main Match”:
Overall Match Scores
Individual Stages
Most Accurate Shooters

The Backup Gun (BUG) Match:
BUG Match Overall Scores
BUG Match Individual Stages
Bug Match Most Accurate Shooters

Thanks once again, and see you in two weeks… for the ‘Charity Match’ (check back at the site for details)