July 13 2013 Charity Match

July 13th 2013: H2O’s 2nd Saturday IDPA Match is going to be a ‘for charity’ match.
The ‘match fee’ will be $25.00.

Due to the heavy rain and flooding the match is rescheduled for
SATURDAY JULY 20th, 2013.

All proceeds are going to benefit Coins for Children. **

Ricky H. and Amp M. already have some great ‘themed‘ stages planned.

Allen Pier ( Tarheel Targets ) and others are putting together give-aways.

Jonathan Fletcher (Senior Pastor, Bethel Church) is going to speak to the group for a few minutes.

Keep an eye “on the forums” for updates from everybody and check back here over the next (almost) two weeks.

July 12: Bad News/Good News. Bad news first: For safety (because of the heavy rain, flooding and standing water) the match is “rain delayed” one week, until Saturday July 20.  Good News: The food vender will be here for the match on the 20th.

*** A minute on the ‘soap box’ (or ammo can) ***

We know these are ‘tight times’ right now – especially for us shooters. Ammo is ridiculous expensive and hard to find, a lot of our regular shooters are .gov employees or contractors who haven’t had raises in years  – any many just got ‘up to 20% cuts’ (furloughs and ‘sequesters’)…  But we’re only asking you to skip a few cans of soft-drink, a few cups of coffee or order water while dining out instead of a $2 drink.  It is “only ten bucks” more than a regular match.

And! It is for a cause that we can all pull for.  Extra-specially, it is important for us to remember during this “Independence Day” week those who have none (freedom/independence).

*** That’s it, off the Ammo Can ***

The fine print ( the ** above): This match is not organized/endorsed/arranged by Coins for Children.  Ricky & Kay organized this and just want to pass the money along to the .orgs and the message along to as many people as we can get to listen. (Even if only for a day.)  They don’t want “to-dos” and “kudos” – they are really being charitable about a charity (and cause) they believe in.  Thanks, you two.

If you want to ‘help out’ – set up on Friday the 12th – keep scores – help total the scores and enter them in the computer: post in the forums, post on our facebook page, send us an email h2ofowlfarms@gmail.com, or let Ricky and/or Andy know if you are able and willing.

Now, get your blasters (as Amp calls them) cleaned and oiled; get a box of ammo (or 4); and your dis-like of ‘Human Traffickers’ and their ilk warmed up: See you in 13 days, 12 days…

Scores will be way down here when all the card-board bad-guys are ‘sleeping’ with 1000s of down-zeros in ’em.