Aug 31 2013 BUG Match Scores

Thanks to all who came, shot and helped make this a great BUG match.

Congrats to Brandon Bolton – overall Match winner, thanks to Jacob for helping him do so well.

Good job Amp and Jessie Wigent – tied for Most Accurate shooters.

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages (The right column is the String-1 Time, the software doesn’t show String-2: you have to subtract String-1 from the Raw Time column to get your String-2 Time.)

Most Accurate Shooters

We’ll hope to see you at the ‘Harnett Region Friends of NRA Banquet/Auctions’ on Thursday, September 12th at 6:00 PM at the Dunn Shiners Club, and…

See you Saturday, September 14th for our regular/full IDPA match.

Thanks for the great stages Allen – you forgot your laundry!