Good Work Chad T. – #2 USPSA

8.15.13:  “Our own” Chad Thompson is Ranked #2 in the USPSA.

The #1 is a full-time pro IPSC/USPSA shooter. So adjusted for the:
(1) works a full-time job [Justice Academy Firearms Instructor and Instructor’s Instructor];
(2) spends his ‘spare’ time shooting and S.O.-ing with us at H2O;
(3) spends more ‘spare’ time playing music at clubs and events all over the state;
(4) everything else he does (that his STI gets the credit for)
…curve, Chad is by far #1.

We would say ‘Congratulations Mr. Thompson’ – but you didn’t get top spot by lottery ~ so Good Work! Great Job! We’re proud of you and glad you shoot with and help us out all that you do.

And we know it’s not the gun

…mostly… 🙂