September 14 2013 Match Scores

As always just before the score sheets:

Thanks everyone for coming out and shooting (scoring, paste-ing, etc) with us.

Thanks to Amp & Terry for 6 great stages.

Thanks to Holly and Shari (and Andy) for totaling up and entering scores so fast.

Chad T. destroyed it again today – the only less-than-100 score.
(Somebody, please, start grabbing video of Chad so we can all try to ‘go to the tape’ and see how it’s done.)

Chris E. and Craig G. get the Most Amazing Accurate Shooters awards for the day.

Kay H. – great job ‘rep-in for the Gals’.
(…and thanks for the hair help…)

No further to-do:

Overall Match Scores

Individual Stages

Most Accurate Shooters

See you Saturday, October 12th for the next match…

or any day (other than Sunday) just come out and shoot it up @ H2O.