November 2013 at H2O

November, 2013 is looking like the busiest month ever at H2O.  Here’s the calendar and details.

Pre-November – until ‘Sold Out’

The Harnett Region Friends of NRA committee has started it’s work towards the 2014 Banquet and Fund-Raising Goals.  They have ten (10) 500 round boxes of .22LR ammunition to be raffled as soon as 500 raffle tickets are sold at $10.00 eachThere will be 10 winning tickets drawn (one for each box of 500 rounds).

Tickets will be available at H2O and Gunner’s Choice Outfitters as soon as they are printed.

The raffle will be held as soon as possible after the last ticket is sold.

If the sell-out occurs on or before our 2nd Saturday IDPA match (November 9th), one of our “celebrities” will draw the ten winning tickets at the match.  Read on: you could win more-than-enough ammo for the Charity Rim-Fire match!

November 1: Duck & Quail Hunting Seasons Open

There are a few hunts still available, contact Andy (Tim & Drew) to book yours. 910-984-6701

November 2: CCH Class

Steven and Tonya at Crossroads Concealed Carry have room for more in a “one-day” North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Course.  Class starts at 8:00AM (sharp) and costs $85.00.  They provide everything you need (classroom, target(s), firearm/handgun, ammo, eye and ear protection) to get your CCH Certificate.  Live-fire qualification is here at H2O that afternoon.

email: or check them out on facebook

November 2: IDPA Safety Officer (SO) Certification

Anthony “Amp” Mangum (IDPA Safety Officer Instructor) is holding an IDPA Safety Officer Certification Class.

The ‘classroom’ portion will be held at the Buies Creek Fire Department, 112 Marshbanks St, Buies Creek NC. Google Maps Link.  (DO NOT call the FD for information about the course/class, contact Mr. Mangum – below).  The range portion will be held – of course – here at H2O.

To attend and get certified you MUST:

  • Be an IDPA Member (you need your number for the test, you *should* be classified and have shot matches for at least one year)
  • Complete and pass the online “Pre-Certification Test”: PDF details/instructions document: 2013_1102_DearIDPASOCandidate
  • R.S.V.P with Mr. Mangum (this is his work-day-job email, please serious inquiries only:  Seats are limited and are filled first-come-first-serve.
  • Bring your “IDPA Match Kit” (belt, holster, reload carrier, concealment garment) and at least 50 rounds of ammunition.

Bring lunch or money for it.  Anthony is not “charging” a fee for this course/class.

November 2-3: Move the Clocks Back One Hour

But, move the match times forward: Registration/Orientation – until Spring – is from 9:00AM until 10:00AM; Shooting starts at 10:00AM.  The New Shooters’ info will be given at about 9:45am.  The safety brief and door-prizes at 9:50-ish.

November 9: 2nd Saturday IDPA Match

Our regular 2nd-Saturday Match – except, as above, shooting starts at 10:00AM. 6 Stages, $15.00 per gun match fee.

November 10: Amp’s on the road for our local shooting sports

Anthony will be at the “State Fund Meeting” of the Friends of NRA voting on where the money from the Friends of NRA Banquets and Fund-Raising efforts will go.  Several local clubs (Triton H.S.; Johnson County 4-H; several FFA groups) have funding requests in.  Good luck, Amp, thanks for all you do for our local shooting sports, ranges and youth.

November 11 (Monday): Veterans Day

In honor of “our” former service members and to keep the ‘spirit’ of last years’ North Carolina Justice Academy Charity Challenge going:  we encourage you to give what you can at

November 13-15: IALEFI at the Academy (Salemburg)

Wed-Fri November 13th-15th the North Carolina Justice Academy (East Campus, Salemburg) is hosting the International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors (IALEFI) conference.  See the Academy Page or the IALEFI Page for details/info.  If you are interested in attending remember to talk to Chad Thompson at the match on the 9th.

November 16: Johnson County 4-H in the AM; Ducks Unlimited in the PM

The ‘kids’ do their thing in the A.M. at H2O, come use the ranges after lunch.  $7.00/hour or $15.00 for ‘all day’.

This afternoon join us at the Harnett County Ducks Unlimited Banquet.   The banquet begins at  5:00 p.m. at Ag Equipment Direct located at 4367 US301N in between Dunn and Benson (google map).  This is the old Benson Building Supply location.  Selling advance tickets only for $50 single and $75 for couples. For more information contact Rodney Warren at 910-890-2524.

November 23: Toys for Tots Charity Rim-Fire Match

H2O, Tarheel Targets, and Amp are at it again.  A “Tac-Rim-Fire” match for a good cause.  The cost of the match: Bring wrapped toy(s) with a minimum value of $15.00.  This is our first “Honor System Entry Fee” match – for charity – please, don’t be scrooge-ey.

There are going to be at least six (6) stages setup ‘IDPA-Like’.  Start searching for the .22LR now!  100-150 rounds per gun.

Allen @ Tarheel Targets has said he may be able to ‘share’ some ammo (at cost of course) – contact him well before match day to see if he has any left.

If you can’t join us: help by donating at

——– From Allen @ Tarheel Targets 10.26.13 ——-

Now that the zombie walk and Stedman gun club event are done, I will be putting my attention to the charity rimfire match. I will create a Facebook event for it. It will be “H2O Fowl Farms presents the first annual Tarheel Targets’ Toys for Tots Tactical Two gun rimfire match”. [edit] All of you should be in my friends list. I will update as we go. I am already planning some cool stages….steel…maybe a shotgun on one stage… You never know what I’m cooking up…. [edit] The children need it this year worse than ever. Children deserve a good Christmas.

facebook event link:

November 28: Thanksgiving

We have a lot to be thankful for this year – just look at this schedule – most of all we are thankful to all of you who are helping to make H2O a success.

Thanks to all of you who come out and hunt or shoot with us.

Thanks to all of the people who volunteer their time and efforts (SOs, scorekeepers, Amp!, guides, too long of a list) towards the “Shooting Sports” and “Hunting” – without all of you…  Thank You!

November 30: 5th Saturday IDPA Classifier

Get signed up to the IDPA and then come out and shoot the classifier with us.  All 6 bays (weather permitting) will be setup to get you through the “Classifier as a Match” as quickly as possible.  Match/Classifier Fee: $15.00.  Shooting may start before 10 if enough people are there and ready.

Reminder: the Classifier (Courses of Fire and scoring/ranking) as well as the complete official IDPA rulebook are available online at:  You can “practice” or “pre-think” the Classifier all you want to.  The “another” reminder: What happens to all of “those plans” when the buzzer goes off…?