Oct 12 2013 Trophies and Scores

It was a great match today, thanks to all of you for coming out.

It was good to see some ‘long time no shoot’ friends back today as well.

The ‘big’ surprise today: Trophies for the “Top Shooters” ‘almost 2 years’

H2O Trophies
Top Shooters 2012-2013 – Click/Tap for Full Size
  • Chad “AD Much” Thompson – “score leader” again today and every match he’s shot here since January 2012 – S.O. at many matches – overly nice and helpful.  “Mens Gold”
  • Anthony “Amp” Mangum – “our” illustrious MD and regional “IDPA guy” – thanks for all you do putting these things together, Directing, S.O.-ing, being (also) overly nice and helpful.  Tie for “Mens Silver” with…
  • Ricky Harris – another of “our” overly nice & helpful S.O.s, setup and “MD-ed” the Charity match, with Amp tied for “Mens Silver”.  You guys really deserve Gold – without the “Chad Factor” Ricky & Amp would always be the scores to beat (or try to achieve).
  • Kay Harris – “Womens Gold”.  Kay keeps score (SSO?) when shooting, or not.  And not only is the most consistent female shooter at our matches – she’s good.  Check those old score sheets – she beats lots of the guys.  Get that foot better “Miss Kay” and shoot it up with us soon.
Mens Trophies
Mens Trophies
Womens Trophy - Kay Harris
Womens Trophy – Kay Harris

We’ll do more trophies soon – or other awards.  Shoot with us often and you might just get one.

18 Stars on these because they “cover about the last 18 months”.  The rumor is that it is Chad Thompson’s silhouette in the picture.

* * * * * *

* * * October 12, 2013 Scores * * *

2013_10_12_H2O_IDPA_Overall – Overall Match Scores

2013_10_12_H2O_IDPA_Stages – Individual Stages

2013_10_12_H2O_IDPA_Accurate – Most Accurate Shooters (Duane & Allen, Good Job)

Some notes about the scores (and why they came out so late today):

  • Jimmie Honeycutt – Failure To Do Right (FTDR) removed – no explanation or notification to MD
  • Mike Boulus – no score (time or targets) on stage 2 – gave Ricky Harris’ (best nearby score sheet) score
  • Bradley Hamilton – no time written for stage 4 – gave Barry Lewis (best nearby score sheet) time

Check the weblog in the next couple of days for details about a ‘very busy November’ here at H2O. The highlights:

  • Match start time changes with the clock – registration 9-10am; shoot at 10.
  • 2nd Saturday regular IDPA
  • 4th Saturday Tac-Multi-Gun Rim-Fire for Toys for Tots (gifts valued at $15 or more for entry fee).
  • 5th Saturday IDPA Classifier “Match” (5 or 6 bays setup to run the classifier [90 rounds limited]).