Nov 30 2013 Classifier Match

Saturday, November 30th, 2013 we will be holding our “at least once per year IDPA Classifier (as a match)” match.

The IDPA Classifier is 90 Rounds Limited.  See the complete courses of fire, details and walk-through at:

If you are an IDPA member this “classification score” will be submitted by Amp to HQ.  If you are not a member – this is “just” another fun and challenging match.

Some things (and tips and tricks) to help get it done faster:

Click/Tap the following link, download and print your own score sheet.  Write in your name, IDPA number, and the division you are classifying in (SSP, ESP, CDP, SSR, ESR).  If you are not a member write “N/A” in the IDPA member number area.  If you are unsure of your division we will help you with that during registration.  Score sheet: H2O_IDPAClassificationScoreSheet

“Concealment” is optional during the classifier.  But, it is supposed to be pretty cool on Saturday so you may want to consider practicing with options (concealment/warm garment on, gun cleared for a faster draw).

After the first four strings (15 rounds) of stage one – we will count hits and score the targets.  The shooter will remain “in position” with a clear and holstered gun.  When the Safety Officer (SO) indicates it: help paste the targets.

Help revolver shooters re-fill their loaders.

Several strings require reloads: “gamers” overload their magazines to add weight for a “sure drop” – remember, in IDPA if you leave that magazine (with ammo in it) on the ground you will incur a 3-second procedural penalty.  The new rules say to avoid that penalty the magazine must be retrieved and stored before the last shot is fired.  During the strings that require “tac-loads” it is recommended to overload the magazine – just remember “limited” (count your shots).

ESP/SSP (High-Capacity Magazine) shooters:

  • During Stage One: Load one magazine to fifteen (15) rounds for strings 1-4.  Load two to six (6) and nine (9) for strings 5-7.
  • During Stage Two: 1st magazine should be loaded to twelve (12). Load six (6) and twelve (12) for stings 3-4.
  • Stage Three is where all of the “tactical loading” happens – overload if want the “sure drop” when you press the release.  (Works for CDP shooters as well).  If you have ESP/SSP and 3 magazines it is recommended to load 15-15-and-5.

Stage Three “traps”:

  • When shooting “around” the barricades you must “slice the pie” (shoot them right-to-left on the right side; left-to-right on the left side) – using cover.
  • When shooting “around” the “low cover” (barrel) you must also “slice the pie” – and shoot around the barrel, not over it.

We’re going to have some “heat” available out on the range.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving – and see you tomorrow!