August 9 2014 Partial Match Results


Thanks everyone for giving it “the big college effort.” We wanted it, wished it, willed it… the rain came anyway.

A special thank you to all of the LE shooters today ~ our first time with more than ten at a match.

Everyone on the list/scoresheet is PRE-PAID for the Saturday, September 13, IDPA@H2O match.

Join us:

~ August 30th for a 5th Saturday MEGA-BUG Match

~ September 6th for the 2nd Annual Harris/Coins for Children Charity Match

~ September 13th for the “regular” 2nd-Saturday IDPA@H2O Match.

2014_0809_H2O_IDPA_Partial_Match (<<< pdf file, roster/scoresheet)

Chad T.: couldn’t find your Stage 4 sheet as we ‘went to press’ and thanks for drowning in Stage 5 in the heavy rain!