Jan 31 2015 MegaBUG

We are very grateful to all 50 shooters who came out for a very cold start Mega-BUG match.  It warmed up enough to make it a very good match.

Anyone who has pictures or videos from the match that they want to share, please send us links so we can add them to this site and our facebook.  Thanks.

A special thanks (letting us check out a very – very – quiet M&P-22) and ‘Welcome’ to the guys from Stalking Rhino Industries ( www.stalkingrhino.com ).  Check them out for: “Suppressors * Jailbreaking & Repair * Custom NFA”  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them at the matches.

*** 2015 Simons/H2O Mega-BUG Challenge Leaders ***

We’re going to have a page up with all the details about this ASAP.  For now, congrats and good/great work to:
Chad Thompson – 56.54
Larry Vickers – 61.99
Carson Harrington – 68.10
Mike Boulus – 68.36

*** Match Results (PDF Documents) ***




Our next regular IDPA match will be held on Saturday, February 14, 2015.  Guy (Eddie!) Reminder: that’s Valentines Day. We hope you’ll come out and join us.  Regular IDPA equipment and up to 150 rounds.