Feb 14 2014 Match Results and Time Change Reminder

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone

It was another cold start – but turned out great – day at the match today.

Thanks for all of the help everyone: Jack, Eddie, Daniel and all the rest for helping with the scores; Steven, Cody, Eddie for helping with the range work (drains worked great); all of the S.O.s for the setup and running of another great match; extra thanks to all who helped out with the Friends of NRA raffles and the Girl Scouts’ Operation Cookie Drop and Dunn Troop Sales.

Here’s the sheets (adobe PDF documents):
Overall Match: 2015_0214_H2O_IDPA_Overall
Individual Stages: 2015_0214_H2O_IDPA_Stages
10 Most Accurate: 2015_0214_H2O_IDPA_Accurate
(Reminder: REV says “SSR” on the sheets; CCP is in the ESR division)

Congrats to Carl Hershiser – our first “official” CCP Classifier – EX (expert):

If we don’t see you before, we’ll see you on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

REMEMBER: Clocks change (forward) on Sunday, March 8, 2015.  The matches, starting with the 2nd Saturday Match in March start earlier!  Registration 8:00am-9:00am – Shooting Starts at 9:00am.