3rd Adam Ginett EOD Memorial Match Results

Everone involved: THANK YOU for a very successful match.

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We’ll get a post up at H2O’s facebook page and the Event page about left over T-Shirts and how you can get yours.  They may be all sold out (11:23PM Match Night). We’ll let you know.
There were some bumps: the cameras failed to fire and we don’t have “from the range” photos for this match.  Please, everyone with photos and videos, post links on our facebook page or send us email with the links and we’ll add them here and at facebook.

Duane S. gets one-better and one-closer to a “Clean Match.”  2 total down points for the entire match.

Still using the “so last year” software, so the ‘listed as’ ESR shooters are actually CCP.  (And a nod to them for great times, also.)

Almost to the results/scores, we just can’t thank and promote the sponsors enough.





Gunner’s Choice (facebook)

Tactical & Outdoor Wear (facebook)



http://nc.benson.stores.advanceautoparts.com/Magna-Arm Profile Pic

Jim’s Seafood (facebook)

NC Farm  Bureau – Anthony Mangum

Firearms & Etc (facebook)

Jus’ Enuff Home Cookin’ (facebook)

American Gun & Pawn (facebook)

…too many more to keep listing.

Scores and Results (Adobe PDF Documents):

Overall Match Results: 2015_0418_3rd_GinnetEOD_H2O_IDPA

Individual Stages: 2015_0418_3rd_GinnetEOD_H2O_IDPA_Stages

Most Accurate: 2015_0418_3rd_GinnetEOD_H2O_IDPA_Accurate


Final note: I apologize for the late posting (family matters sometimes come first), and thank Andy, Shari, Eddie and Candace (and anyone else they haven’t told me about yet) for getting the scores done so fast and working it all out.  DW