No Foolin Around Ben THANK YOU

No Foolin’ Around, Ben: Thank You!

1st, foremost: Thank You for your service and sacrifice – for us.

2nd, tied for first: Thank You for shooting with us.  We don’t brag on ourselves (much), we credit you (our shooters) for the fact that we hear good things about our matches and range.

3rd, still tied for first: Thank You… from all of us (owners, shooters, SOs, scorekeepers, sponsors, vendors…) …all of us.  Thanks, we can never express it enough nor as heart-felt as it is.

Letter received 4.1.2015 – Ugly/Quick-Edit to protect .mil identity
Flag from Afghanistan received with letter (edit again)

Backstory for those ‘outside’ the loop: Andy and Shari, here at H2O, received this in the mail today, Wednesday, April 1, 2015.