2015 NC Shooting Sports Games Results

We beat Tropical Storm Ana (barely) and had a great day at the range.

The 2nd running of the North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association’s NC Shooting Sports Games ( http://www.ncrpa.org/ ) was a fantastic match.

A big thanks, and we hope to see you in the future to the Bolton gang.  Ice cold home-made lemonade hits the spot on a warm day.  Thanks to Anna for helping hand out the medals.

DSC_0014Very impressed, proud of you, and congratulations to “our very own” Duane Stephenson: Clean Match! (Zero total down points.)  Also, Duane, see the list below, you earned a medal in your division.

Thank you to Richard Morris, for all the hard work, the camera and the great photos.  A link to the photos will be at our facebook page when they are uploaded (some time next week).

Thank you Shari and Andy for the early a.m. drive back – congrats and proud of you Holly – graduated UNCW (Bachelors of Science Recreational Therapy, Honors, Cum Laude) yesterday.

Thank you Eddie and Jack Simons for the help with the scores.

Jack: We (mostly Dean, but the rest of us as well) are very sorry!!  We didn’t split off “youth shooters” this year.  Mister Andy is holding a Gold for you (see the list below).

Those that earned medals today but did not stay to take them with you, remember to pick them up at the next match or use it as an excuse to come visit the range and get some practice in.

Here’s the medals we are holding:
– Mike Boulus – CDP Expert – Gold
– Richard Morris – CDP Expert – Bronze
– Donnie Mittica – CDP Unclassified – Gold
– Andy Langdon – ESP Expert – Silver
– Brad Kiger – ESP Sharpshooter – Gold
– Bill Davis – ESP Sharpshooter – Silver
– Will Bayer – ESP Sharpshooter – Bronze
– Bob Barry – ESP Marksman – Silver
– Duane Stephenson – ESP Marksman – Bronze
– Jeff Williams – SSP Sharpshooter – Silver
– Matthew Wentzel – SSP Sharpshooter – Bronze
– Joshua Yount – SSP Marksman – Gold
– Patrick Robbins – SSP Marksman – Silver
– Jacob Kakou – SSP Marksman – Bronze
– Kyle Schulz – SSP Unclassified – Gold
– Jeff Liu – SSP Unclassified – Silver
– Linda Ratliff – Women’s SSP Unclassified – Silver
– Steph Speece – Women’s SSP Marksman – Gold (Mike is taking it to Clinton for you)
– Jack Simons – Youth – Gold

Now, at long last, here is the results PDFs, and a picture of the Bolton Gang.

Overall Match Results: 2015_0509_H2O_NCShootingSports_IDPA

Individual Stages: 2015_0509_H2O_NCShootingSports_IDPA_stages

Most Accurate Shooters: 2015_0509_H2O_NCShootingSports_IDPA_accurate

Click to view full size - fantastic homemade lemonade and cookies.

Click to view full size – fantastic homemade lemonade and cookies.