June 13 2015 IDPA @ H2O Results

Sorry for the late post – got a little crazy from the heat.

Thanks to 86 really cool shooters for toughing it out in the near record heat (101+ degrees today folks)!

IMG_6150An extra-special thanks to the cheerleader turned photographer – apologies, didn’t get your name.  If you will send it to us we’ll get you correctly credited for taking some great photos (and cheerleading, and everything else you did for us today).  Mrs. ???????  We would love to drop your name when we upload the full set of photos.  h2ofowlfarms@gmail.com

Thanks (so much) to “the bringer of the tent-shade.”  (I/we would also like to properly credit you so if you will drop as a note to make sure we get it right.) h2ofowlfarms@gmail.com

Thanks (again) Amp and Ricky for some really fast, fun and challenging stages.

Overall Match: 2015_0613_H2O_IDPA_Overall_Corrected

Individual Stages:2015_0613_H2O_IDPA_Stages_Corrected

Most Accurate: 2015_0613_H2O_IDPA_Accurate