October 31 2015 Match and Series Results

Thanks to everyone for coming and shooting, and we are thankful for the great weather today.

Jacob B. - Top Junior (Youth) in the 2015 Mega-BUG Series

Jacob B. – Top Junior (Youth) in the 2015 Mega-BUG Series

This was the 4th and final match of the 2015 H2O Simons Series 5th Saturday Mega-BUG Matches. Two trophies were delivered after the match – the rest are at the “shoot house” at the range. Contact Andy to get your trophies – h2ofowlfarms@gmail.com or 910-984-6701.

Chad Thompson – First Place (180.80) Trophy at H2O
Brian Edwards – Second Place (199.27) Trophy at H2O
Andrew Speece – Third Place (207.64) Trophy at H2O
Carl Hershiser – (Fourth 209.89)
Craig Grivois – (Fifth 217.65)

Mike Boulus – First Place (220.38) Trophy at H2O
Carl Hershiser – Second Place (235.05) Trophy picked up
Amp Mangum – Third Place (245.19) Trophy at H2O
Quinton Byrd – Fourth Place (247.18)

Youth / Juniors First Place: Jacob B. (Trophy picked up)

Women’s First Place: Wendy Wilkes-Harmon (Trophy at H2O)

Carl H. - 2nd Place Revolver

Carl H. – 2nd Place Revolver


Happy Halloween Everyone!  Remember to set your clocks back tonight – and that match registration is from 9am until 10am and shooting starts at 10:00am from now until the clocks go forward in the spring.

Coming soon:
– Join us (some of our shooters and instructors) at the Salemburg Campus of the North Carolina Justice Academy (NCJA) for a NCJA-Charity Challenge “Mini Match” ( https://www.facebook.com/events/546348878864733/ ) to benefit the IALEFI Scholarship Fund.  Monday, November 9, 2015 at 2:00PM.
– Remember our veterans on Veterans Day, November 11th.  Give to Hope for The Warriors ( http://www.hopeforthewarriors.org ) or you favorite veterans charity.
– Saturday, November 14: our regular 2nd Saturday IDPA match – 9-10 for registration, shoot at 10am.
– Saturday, December 5, 2015: Rim-Fire Tactical 2-Gun Match for the benefit of Toys for Tots.  $20.00 match fee or bring $20.00 worth of toys.  Details soon.

Here’s the results from the match today (PDF documents):
Overall: 2015_1031_H2O_IDPA_MegaBUG_Overall
Individual Stages: 2015_1031_H2O_IDPA_MegaBUG_Stages
Most Accurate: 2015_1031_H2O_IDPA_MegaBUG_MostAccurate