January 9 2016 Match and Classifier Results

Before the results:

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Now, thank you to everyone: 70+ shooters, the Safety Officers, everyone who helped with the scoring, 10+ spectators (see you next time as a shooter?), 6 classifier shooters… and one more extra “Thank you!” for all of the LE that shot with us today – “for all you do”

A special note to Eddie and Erik for getting the scores done.  Above and beyond!

The next match is great for beginners or first-timers, it’s the 5th Saturday Mega-B.U.G. Match on January 30th.  We’ll hope to see you here.

Here’s the match results (PDF documents):
Overall: 2016_0109_H2O_IDPA_Overall
Individual Stages: 2016_0109_H2O_IDPA_Stages
10 Most Accurate: 2016_0109_H2O_IDPA_MostAccurate

Here’s the classifier/classification results (PDF document) – the scores have been uploaded to IDPA: 2016_0109_H2O_IDPAClassifier