May 14 2016 IDPA NCRPA Shooting Sports Games

We must thank all 87 of you for shooting the 3rd Annual North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association’s ( ) Shooting Sports Games (IDPA @ H2O) with us today.

Wendy and Vickie showing off the medals they earned.
Wendy and Vickie showing off the medals they earned.

Here’s the medal winners ( Division/Classification – Gold; Silver; Bronze ):
CDP-MA: Anthony “Amp” Mangum
CDP-EX: Mike Boulus; Bert Coalson
CDP-SS: Lon Layton; Ken Dickson **; Carson Harrington
** 5/15/16 Correction:  Andrew Speece was entered into the wrong DIV/CL. He earned a Silver and it is set aside.  “Questions/Errors go to the benefit of the shooters” – Ken & Carson keep their standings and medals.
CDP-MM: George Valsame
CDP-UN: Heath Patrick; Sam Winstead; Galen Dahl
ESP-MA: Kevin Kelley; Brandon Bolton
ESP-EX: Ben Simcox; Ricky Harris; Andy Langdon
ESP-SS: Todd Barber; Will Bayer; Chris Mayhue
ESP-MM: Patrick Riley; Howard Hoadley; Bob Berry
ESP-UN: Cody Henley; John Schillingburg; Trevor Beasley
SSP-MA: Brian Edwards; Dane Cartrette; Craig Grivois
SSP-EX: Wilton Deet(z/ch?); Stephen Forstchen
SSP-SS: Jamie Wells; James Allen; Steven Frye
SSP-MM: Zack Coluccio; Brian Mitchell; Andy Brogden
SSP-NV: Barry Lewis; Wendy Harmon; Vickie Barham
SSP-UN: Chris Welch; Triston Strauss; Davin Perkins
REV-EX: Terry Riley
CCP-MA: Mike Jones; Carl Hershiser
CCP-EX: Brandon Bolton
CCP-SS: Rob Annechiarico
CCP-MM: David Schneider
CCP-UN: Scott Prislipsky; Jim Rogowski; Hanna Toth

Special Categories:
Womens: Kay Harris; Stephanie Speece; Wendy Harmon
Youth/Junior (Boys): Josh Perkins; Chase Staman; Ethan Mangum
Youth/Junior (Girls): Tabitha Kiger; Hanna Toth

Anthony “Amp” has some of your medals.  Cody took “The Frye Guys” medals.  Everyone else:  You can pick them up at the next match – Saturday, June 11, 2016 – or at anytime between if you come out to shoot at the range.  If you need to work out another way to get your medals:
call us at 910-984-6701 or email:

A quick “thanks again” to all of you shooters, the SOs, all of the Stage Designers (Amp, Craig, Allen, Ricky, more…) and Allen and Craig for putting in a lot of extra work getting the activators, steel and “action” targets ready for today’s match.  Thank you to Eddie and Shari for the high-speed scoring!

Thank you to the NCRPA – check out the other Shooting Sports Games this year, get more info about what they do for us here in NC, join/become a member:

Here’s the results (PDF documents):
Overall: 2016_0514_H2O_IDPA_3rd_NCRPA_Games
Individual Stages: 2016_0514_H2O_IDPA_3rd_NCRPA_Games_Stages
10 Most Accurate: 2016_0514_H2O_IDPA_3rd_NCRPA_Games_Accurate

P.S. (from Dean): get well soon, Chad.  And a huge thank you to all of you from me, today was a great day at H2O for me because of all of you!  Sorry it’s so late.