June 11 2016 IDPA @ H2O Match Results

It was a great match today and we really beat the heat.  Thanks to 92 shooters, the stage designers, the SOs and scorekeepers, and everyone for helping get done before it got “bad hot”.


We don’t have a lot of reminders and announcements today.  Here’s a few:
– Stage 3 showed a lot of us today that we need to put in some work and practice with one handed shooting!
– The next match here at H2O will be Saturday, July 9.
– Ricky Harris is holding a Carbine Operators Course on Saturday, July 23.  Here’s a link to the details flyer (link).

Thank you again, stay cool the next few days, come see us to get some range time in.

Thanks again to Down East Hearing.  http://downeasthearing.com/

Andrew & Steph: Best wishes to you in your ‘adventures’.  If you get the chance come visit us!

Match results (PDF documents):
Overall: 2016_0611_H2O_IDPA
Individual Stages: 2016_0611_H2O_IDPA_Stages
Most Accurate: 2016_0611_H2O_IDPA_Accurate