July 30 2016 Mega-BUG Results

Thank you everyone for coming to the match today.  Sorry for the late post – “that web guy” was out of place and then the computer got goofy.

All Womens Class from Crossroads Benson Church http://www.crossroadsbenson.com/

Saturday, August 13 is our regular 2nd Saturday IDPA Match – we’ll hope to see you here.

Friday, August 19, 2016 is the Harnett Region Friends of NRA Banquet in Dunn, NC.  All of the details and contact info for Anthony is available at: https://www.friendsofnra.org/eventtickets/Events/Details/34?eventId=52714
Come and join us for this event: All of the money raised through Friends of NRA “stays local” (supports school shooting teams, 4H, and others).

Here’s the results for today’s Mega-BUG Match:
Overall: 2016_0730_H2O_IDPA_MegaBUG_Overall
Individual Stages: 2016_0730_H2O_IDPA_MegaBUG_Stages
Most Accurate: 2016_0730_H2O_IDPA_MegaBUG_Accurate