Sept 10 2016 Match Results

Thank you everyone for enjoying the “not as hot as they said it would be” with us today.  It was a great day and a great match.


Beautiful day for a match

Thanks again to Lynx Defense for coming out today.  Great “Made Right Here” (NC, USA) gear and accessories:

Now, about those scores/results.  This was our first match using practiscore ( ).  It took us a while to figure everything out but it is done.  Thank you for your patience.  The results are available online at:

When you first visit the link above you are looking at the overall/combined match.  Play with the menus at the top to see individual DIVs/Classes/Stages.  Click (or tap) on your name to see your scores for all 6 stages.

Next month at the Saturday October 8, 2016 match we will use practiscore again – but we are going to the 1-Second-per-Down-Point scoring!!  Be prepared.

Below is the direct output results from practiscore (html/web file combined results):