November 12 2016 Match Results and Info

Extra “Thanksgiving” Thanks to everyone who joined us today for our 2nd Saturday IDPA match, and: to all of our Veterans (a person who has had long experience in a particular field; a person who has served in the military) THANK YOU a day late, and for joining us today.


Hunting Season 2016-2017 is Open – contact Andy for hunt scheduling. 910-984-6701

If we don’t hear from you before: Happy Thanksgiving, we hope you have a great one.

Immediately after Thanksgiving: Saturday, September 26, 2016 we will be having our Annual Toys for Tots Charity Match.  This year we’re having a Mega-B.U.G. Match.  Bring at least $20 worth of new toys as a match fee.  No toys, no problem: the usual $20.00 per gun fee applies and we give ALL of the money collected to toys for tots.  60 rounds of ammunition, registration/orientation from 9:00am-10:00am, shooting starts at 10:00am.  No starting from the holster, no reloads on the clock.

Next Saturday, the 19th:  Concealed Carry North Carolina Firearms Group is holding a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun (and basic pistol) Class in Dunn.  The qualification shooting will be here.  Details at their facebook event page:

The Harnett Region Friends of NRA Calendars that Anthony “Amp” Mangum discussed this morning are available now.  2 guns per week will be drawn every week during 2017, winners are not removed from the rest of the drawings, 100+ total chances to win.  $50 per calendar.  Contact Amp at:

[11/13/16 Correction] The December 10, 2016 2nd Saturday IDPA Match is starting at the regular time.  Due to a not-known-yesterday schedule conflict – the “Low Light / Night // Double-Match Day” has to be postponed until January.  If nothing else interferes, the 2nd Saturday January Match will start LATE – at 1:00PM.  This is because after the match and a short break we are going to have a “Low Light / Night” match using the same stage designs.  To shoot the Low Light / Night match you must have a hand-held flashlight and the ability to move, shoot and reload while dealing with your light.  $20.00 per match (per gun) – or $30 for both.

Additional thanks goes out to Eddie, Jack, Erik, Chris and Shari for the high speed “statistician” work (that’s getting the scores done, in English).

Coming soon (exact date and times pending):
– Ricky Harris “IDPA School”
– The “Jack Simons Invitational” Day and Night BLET/PPS 50-round courses of fire Qualification shoot.  This is the same “Qualification” that all North Carolina Law Enforcement and Armed Guards have to shoot.
– NRA Range Safety Officer class – 9 hours.

Finally, at long last: Today’s Results