Jan 14 2017 Day and Night Match Results

It was truly a Happy 5th Birthday to the range here at H2O. So many ‘thanks’ to hand out!

Steven Frye (missed you Frye-Guys today: Tonya, Cody, Trevor) and Chris Mayhue (so happy you could make it): without you… none of this! “A place to do some CCH, PPS, LE qualifications; maybe a rim-fire match on steel” (aka your baby) and all of your endless work building ranges, bays, targets, target-stands and range equipment is not forgotten!!  Some of us were discussing very recently how in “the old days” Steven used to stay up until Sunday morning doing the scores all by himself “the old way.”
* Concealed Carry, all sorts of NRA, archery, hunting, fishing, range-building, target welding, reloading… and on and on and on instruction needed?  Contact Steven Frye at Crossroads Concealed Carry: https://www.facebook.com/Crossroads-Concealed-Carry-498306503538230/
* Everything LE, Security (NC PPSB & others), Military, Basic to Advanced Defense (armed and unarmed) instruction/classes; Private Investigations; Executive/Diplomat Security: contact us or Steven Frye (link above) and we’ll put you in touch with Chris Mayhue.

“Let’s talk to Amp…” Thank you to Anthony “Amp” Mangum for making the “2nd Saturday IDPA at H2O” the “Thing, but a good/great thing” that it is. Your work: organizing, setting up, “Match Director-ing”, SO-ing, SO training/certification, and on and on and on has made this the greatest match (SOs and shooters) – we think – anywhere.
* Need insurance (Amp’s real life job), interested in helping youth shooters and schools with “keep the money local” Harnett Region Friends of NRA volunteer work, IDPA Safety Officer (SO) qualification/certification…? Contact Anthony Mangum (just contact us until we can confirm a “don’t hassle Amp at work about shooting” direct contact).

1st Interlude: Be careful what you ask for!  “Back by popular DEMAND is those over-typed long-winded Match Results posts!” It’s all [The Another] Andy’s (Langdon) and [The Another-Another] Andy’s (Watkins) fault!  Thank you both for shooting with us (for all of these years and) especially at our first Day/Night Matches Happy Birthday party.  Let’s look at a picture…

"Point Shooting / Reflex / Retention (area) / Shooting From the Hip" done right by a first time / new shooter.
“Point Shooting / Reflex / Retention (area) / Shooting From the Hip” done right by a first time / new shooter. Proud of you Miss “Sam” and that smile is priceless!

Hmmm… that picture reminds us: Thank You to all of our shooters (customers, “family”). Jon (and so many of you we can’t possibly name them all): thank you for bringing so much/many of your family and friends to become ours.

We have to thank the Safety Officers (SOs) in a big lump. In case there’s anyone out there that didn’t know: they are all volunteer. All they get for all of their effort is those blue H2O shirts and this not even bold little blurb right here. Wait a minute, those blue H2O shirts are all that and then some, simply to die for… (just kidding, smiley).  Here’s your bold (and caps): THANK YOU SOs.

Mens Trophies
Mens Trophies (2013) Ricky, Amp, Dean, Chad, Andy Howard – Blue Shirts

Thank you goes out to the Howards – girls of course: Shari, Holly, Katie. Not only for all the work you do (Shari! registration, scores, hospitality, muddy/dirty floors) but for keeping all the Howard men up-right and functional at the range and the hunts. Miss Samantha: you’re a Howard Girl, too – so thank you.  All right, stop pouting: thanks Andy, Drew (Cody and Chris – honorary Howards).

Last Interlude / Tangent: Samantha and Chris got married at H2O. See what that shooting range did? Family.

Samanta and Chris at guess where
Samantha and Chris at guess where (blatantly stolen from facebook)

All right, if you are finished unload and show clear…

We know we did not do justice to all who have contributed so much to 5 years at our shooting range, skeet/trap shooting; but all of you out there who ‘know’ you deserve our thanks – you’ve got it.  We’ll keep these short for the rest of 2017, but get ready!, in 2022 when we celebrate 10 it’s going to be the weblog post that scrolls around the world! 🙂

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time so bring your $$$$ and your sweet teeth because our favorite Cookie Monster “Em” and her troop will be out at H2O trying to meet those goals.

Yep, finally, here they are, match results at practiscore:
Jan 14, 2017 Day Match: https://practiscore.com/results/new/30444
Jan 14, 2017 (1st) Night Match: https://practiscore.com/results/new/30445

p.s.: Thank you to Shari, Andy, Carson Harrington, Eddie Simons, Jack Simons and Erik S. for staying up until 11:07PM to get the scores for two matches done and uploaded.