April 8 2017 Match Results and Notes

Today’s post is going to be a little long: sorry!  As always, first and foremost: THANK YOU for a new record turn out – 106 participants (shooters) in today’s 4th running of the NCRPA Shooting Sports Games.  Thanks to the MD, stage designers, SOs and scorekeepers as well everything ran great.

We have to give special mention today to Eddie, Jack, Shari and Andy for getting the scores done within 5-10 minutes of the last shooter leaving the bays.  Chris and others: thanks for running the scores back and forth up/down the hill!

Some of the medalists after the match.

For more information about the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association and the Shooting Sports Games check out their website at http://www.ncrpa.org/

Thanks to Down East Hearing Care for spending their time with us today.  Custom hearing protection – not ‘only’ for shooting – and a whole range of hearing aids and services:  http://www.downeasthearingcare.com/home.html or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Down-East-Hearing-Care-Associates-126079367522132/

Thanks to Candy Sugarman (and nice job! Gold medal) and her Gunpowder Gals for joining us today and for the D*Wipe Towels.  Women: join the Gals!! Everybody: get more information at facebook https://www.facebook.com/GunPowderGals/ or the website http://gunpowdergals.com/

Reminder: Ricky Harris and Loflin-McCraw Tactical Solutions having two training ‘events’ coming up here at H2O.
– Saturday April 15: Handgun Accuracy Clinic >> click/tap for flyer <<
– Saturday May 20: Carbine Operator Course >> click/tap for flyer <<

Our next match is going to be a 5th Saturday Mega-BUG on April 29, 2017. Guns 4-inches or shorter, 60 rounds (bring extra for re-shoots), no drawing from holsters and no reloading while on the timer. 12 5-round mini-stages.

Before we list the medal winners – for you impatient types: here’s the overall match results at practiscore: https://practiscore.com/results/new/34128

The medalists by Classification / Division ( ** after = medal received by winner or picked up by friends). Special Note: All medals must be picked up or arrangements made for us to hold them by the 2nd Saturday IDPA Match on May 13. All medals not claimed by May 13 are being sent back to the NCRPA.
CDP – Unclassified
Seth Williams – Gold :: B Thomas – Silver
CDP – Marksman
Rodney Dickerson – Gold :: George Valsame – Silver**
CDP – Sharpshooter
Lon Layton – Gold**
CDP – Expert
Mike Boulus – Gold
CDP – Master
Amp Mangum – Gold**
ESP – Unclassified
RJ McVoy – Gold :: William Tucker – Silver :: Jeremy Shoff – Bronze
ESP – Marksman
Dominic Mitica – Gold :: Bill Riggin – Silver**
ESP – Sharpshooter
Brock Theener – Gold :: Mark Foulkrod – Silver** :: Brad Kiger – Bronze
ESP- Expert
Wilton Deets – Gold** :: Ricky Harris – Silver** :: Todd Adams – Bronze
ESP – Master
Chad Thompson – Gold :: Kevin Kelley – Silver**
SSP – Unclassified
Charles Walter – Gold :: Mark Aguilar – Silver :: Luke Adams – Bronze
SSP – Novice
Candy Sugarman – Gold :: Jonathan Toppins – Silver :: James Cline – Bronze
SSP – Marksman
Ariel Delafuente – Gold :: Sean Sorrentino – Silver** :: Brian Mitchell – Bronze
SSP – Sharpshooter
Major Lackey – Gold :: Lukasz Herbst – Silver :: Chuck Gaspar – Bronze**
SSP – Expert
Joshua Yount – Gold :: Rob Annechiarico – Silver** :: Bill Richberg – Bronze
SSP – Master
Carl Hershiser – Gold :: Brian Edwards – Silver
CCP – Sharpshooter
William Benbow – Gold** :: Hal Belk – Silver :: Mark Yandell – Bronze**
CCP – Expert
Todd Barber – Gold** :: Brandon Bolton – Silver** :: Andy Langdon – Bronze
CCP – Master
Carl Hershiser – Gold
BUG – Unclassified
John Leibman – Gold :: [[Correction]] Barbara Shivy – Silver (Glock 43 is BUG not SSP)
SSR – Unclassified
Ed Arthur – Gold**
SSR – Expert
Randall Harris – Gold**

We ran three through the new (2017) classifier after the match and medals. The results are:
– Dean Wiley SSP 116.77 SS (same)
– Chris Welch SSP 94.82 EX
– Sean Sorrentino ESP/SSP 138.06 SS (up from MM and NV)

Wow, that’s a lot of web-posting for today. Let’s have an action picture from today’s match to make it complete.

IMG_6487Thank you again everyone! Hope to see you at the range for practice, for Ricky’s classes, and for the BUG match on the 29th.