June 3 2017 5th TSgt Adam Ginett Match Results

[ Late post apology & long post warning ]

Let us give Thanks and Praise… take a moment of Stillness… place your write-ing (“strong”) hand over your heart and feel the beat… standby!

BEEP! …and life goes on. First, this time around, we most humbly offer our appreciation to James, Christina, Thomas, Sarah, Kaedyn and most of all Adam. We salute you and in doing so we selfishly feel the beat of our own hearts.

IMG_9755Thank you SO MUCH everyone who came out to the 5th Annual TSgt Adam Ginett Memorial Pistol Shoot. We raised some good money, we spread some good awareness, and we had a great time doing it. Every One.

If your life is ‘hurried’ and you must go now, here are the results at Practiscore: https://practiscore.com/results/new/37186

[Thank You to] The “Official” Sponsors:
Legacy Decals – http://www.legacydecals.com
Gunner’s Choice Outfitters – https://www.facebook.com/Gunners-Choice-Outfitters-269051406372/
Tactical & Outdoor Wear – https://www.facebook.com/tacticalwears/
American Gun & Pawn – Lillington, NC – 910-814-3114
Tarheel Targets – https://www.facebook.com/tarheeltargets
N8-[2] Tactical – https://n82tactical.com/
Magna-Arm – http://www.magna-arm.com/
Anthony “Amp” Mangum (Farm Bureau Insurance) – 910-892-1033
Jim’s Seafood – https://www.facebook.com/jims.seafood.dunn/
AutoZone (Coats, NC) – 910-591-5073
Bombs Away, Inc. – http://www.bombsawayinc.com/

EOD Warrior Foundation – http://www.eodwarriorfoundation.org/

A few who gave a little [more] at the gate or helped promote the event in advance:
Chris & Samantha: Thank you for the side-match.
Triangle Tactical (Podcast[s] & Social Media Gun Guys) – https://triangletactical.net/
The Gun Powder Gals – http://gunpowdergals.com/
Concealed Carry North Carolina Firearms Group – https://www.facebook.com/FundamentalSafety/

“Thee BB” said of a Company Man: “I’ve never met anyone who chose their words so carefully.”  We try here (and likely fail).  “Thank You” and “Please” – help us make Six bigger, better, stronger, faster.

2nd Time Around, scores: https://practiscore.com/results/new/37186

…and we’ll see you next week at the 2nd Saturday IDPA Match…

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