Sept 9 2017 Match Results and Notes

What an amazing day at the range!  Thank you for spending it with us. Sorry for the ‘late’ (next day) post: web-dude had to get to the ’48th Annual Coharie Pow-Wow’.


Hannah’s squad.

Speaking of range-daughters: time flies, they ‘grow up’, too soon they’re getting married.  Congrats to The Real Range Daughter, Holly -and- one of our first Range-Daughters Breonna: both are getting married in October.

Special thanks to Sean S. and Dustin T. for getting some match videos out in the social media yesterday. (May require facebook login)

Thank you to every shooter and ‘volunteer’ score-keeper: No missing times on the sheets!; No DQ’s (nice work everyone).

Our next match is the 5th Saturday Mega-BUG match on September 30th. Guns less than 4-inches, 12 five-round strings, no drawing from holsters and no reloading on the clock.  Great for first-time-match shooters and for the high-speed-low-drag type to work “the core skillset.”  Shooting starts at 9:00am.

*** Range Court / IDPA Rulez Alert ***

2017 brought us the “new (est)” set of Rule Changes and Book – and the ‘do we really have to discuss/argue this again, we are not USPSA/IP-sick” fault lines.  Say “fault line” again… I dare you!!!  You HAVE TO read the whole book – left to right, front to back – to have the ‘forest view of the individual trees’.

The whole / latest version of rule book is always available FREE!! from the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA):

In Order (because without Order there is Chaos):
3.2 Target Engagement [page 9]
3.2.4 If targets are hidden by cover, the targets are engaged as they become visible around the edge of cover (slicing the pie).
[ ^^^ no emphasis added, read it over and over again]
3.6 Fault Lines [page 11]
3.6.1 Fault Lines must be employed by Match Directors to mark the limit of a Position of Cover or shooting positions for a CoF.
[*** bold-red emphasis added – it is a LIMIT, cover rules apply first because they come first]

… and then all the rest of the ‘letterings’ of 3.6 go to ‘kill the spirit’ and cause such great confusion.  We fear, because we know it to be true, this ‘conversation’ will continue… every match, every stage, every shooter… Please fix it IDPA, please? Stop all the talk about ‘going over the line’ and add some talk about ‘getting to the line’ (slicing the pie).

Adjourned… moving on.

Coming Soon to H2O

Dean Wiley, Patrick Riley, Eddie Simons and our friends over at Gunners Choice Outfitters are ‘doing it again’ – a NC Concealed Carry ‘class’.  Saturday, September 23.  On-line sign-up available, or in-person at Gunners Choice. Details, flyers, tips etc at the facebook event:

We mentioned the September 30 Mega-BUG above.

In co-operation with some of the best of the best (shooters and instructors) around: The ‘Dear Jon’ Series of weblog-posts, videos, ‘discussions’, etc. and more.  One of our ‘family’ (Jon) asked about ‘improving performance’ so we’re going to put some effort into that.  Here’s your first couple of hints and tips, Dear Jon:
– Check out the instructional videos from Chad Thompson (there’s four of them up at youTube):
– Check out the Triangle Tactical podcast (they give tons and tons of fantastic advice):
– Stand-By!! we’re checking schedules and doing some homework to put together a ‘clinic’.

Memberships – Going Fast! (Thank You again “Members”)

Yearly fee for each member will be $425. Family memberships (limited to 2 family members) will be $600.

There will be a limited number of membership applications accepted so submit your application and payment fee early.

Beginning September 1, the range will be open for members only weekdays on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.

The range will be open to members and the general public on Friday-Saturday.

Shooting will be on a first come first serve basis.

The range will be closed Sunday-Monday.

Applicants will be required to attend a range/gun safety class before membership will be approved. All members will be required to display a membership ID badge at all times when shooting at the range. Members will also be required to sign in and out on each visit to the range. Members will be allowed to bring guests (limited to 2 guests per day) for a cost of $20 per guest per day.

For more information, contact Andy Howard 910-894-6701 or Chris Welch at 704-942-7881.


That’s it, no more, scores:





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