October 28 2017 IDPA Classifier as a Match Results

Thank You goes out to 19 shooters in our Annual IDPA Classifier as a Match.  Three earned “promotions” and quite a few got “that close.”  As usual we’ve got some notes and scheduling things.  Ready kids… here we go!

Chad Thomspson rescues "Dummy"
“Our” Chad Thomspson (this picture from Sep. 2015) won the (USPSA) T-1 Ammunition East Coast Limited Class Championship on Sunday, October 22, 2017 in Asheboro, NC. ( “Big Dave…” SO in the pic)

It’s that time-time again – already!  The clocks go BACK (3am becomes 2am) in the overnight of Saturday-Sunday, November 4-5.  Match times go FORWARD: registration/orientation from 9am-10am, shooting starts at 10am.  We keep this schedule until the clocks change (again).

Our next match is the full, regular, Second Saturday IDPA Match on Saturday, November 11, 2017. Shooting starts at 10:00am.

After that: our annual Toys for Tots charity match on Saturday, November 25, 2017.  This year we are doing the (IDPA) Mega-BUG format again.  60 rounds, 12 5-round “strings” with no drawing from holsters or reloading “on the clock.”  $20.00 match “fee” (goes to Toys for Tots) or bring at least $20 worth of new toys.

Sean S. has uploaded a great video of the classifier:

“In the works, worth a quick mention”
* Several (many) people are asking about a rim-fire (.22) match. We are working on it.
* LE agencies: contact us about Day & Night Qualifications.  “The Chief” (of a local department) has offered to loan (or hire) out a Specialized Firearms Instructor* to do the scoring and paperwork for your annual re-certification / re-qualification. Two of “our” PPS instructors have been OK-ed to call the handgun courses and RSO if your Instructor needs to shoot it as well.  $20.00 per officer. (*technically: Specialized Instructor – Firearms)
— if your agency or “company police” does not currently have an Instructor contact us and we’ll put you in touch with “The Chief” to arrange for your in-service training.
* As always: PPS/ASL “companies” – if you need a Firearms Trainer to certify or re-certify your armed guards or armored vehicle personnel: contact us.

Memberships – Range Hours

The annual fee for a single membership is $425. Family memberships (limited to 2 family members) is $600. We also have “Corporate” memberships available, call for more info.

There is a limited number of membership applications accepted so submit your application and payment fee early.

The ranges are open for members only weekdays on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.

The ranges are open to members and the general public on Friday-Saturday.

Shooting (range/bay availability) is on a first come first serve basis.

The ranges are closed Sunday-Monday.

Membership applicants are required to attend a range/gun safety class before membership will be approved. All members are required to display a membership ID badge at all times when at the range. Members are required to sign in and out on each visit to the range. Members are allowed to bring guests (limited to 2 guests per day) for a cost of $20 per guest per day.

For more membership information, contact Andy Howard 910-894-6701.


Classifier results (PDF): 2017_1028_H2O_IDPAClassifier

Details at IDPA’s website: http://www.idpa.com/compete/competitiondetails/28519