November 11 2017 Really Long Match Results and Notes Post

Our Thanks-giving month begins with thanks to 77 shooters in yesterday’s 2nd Saturday IDPA (on Veterans’ Day) match – many of them Veterans themselves.  Especially when Amp & the SOs set everything up while it was below freezing in the bays and we “went hot” at right around 40-degrees-F, what can we say: Thank You! And, an all caps version to our “old hands” (look up veteran), you warm our hearts so our cold hands can play this game…

Veterans Day at H2O

Veterans Day at H2O… one of “our range veterans” is always on about these flags…

The title of this post says “long” – not kidding.  Lots of photos this time, too. Be patient and remember: each picture is worth (at least) 1,000 words.

Speak of Mister Frye and he will appear! Or, take a picture of 'his' flags and...

Speak of Mister Frye and he will appear! Or, take a picture*** of ‘his’ flags and…

Quite a few of “ours” that have been absent for a few moments joined us at the match.  Steven*** (& Cody later) Frye, Chris Mayhue***, Chad Thompson***, Cindy Johnson just to name four (or five). So glad you came!

We interrupt this blah-g to bring you an important message…
Please, join us for our Annual Toys-For-Tots Match on Saturday, November 25, 2017.  Registration/Orientation and donation “processing” from 9am until 10am.  First shots fired at 10am. $20 match fee (will be donated to Toys-For-Tots) -OR- bring new toys valued at approximately $20 or more as your match fee.  This year we are shooting the Mega-BUG (Back Up Gun) format again. Guns shorter than 4-inch barrels, 12 5-round strings, 60 total rounds, no drawing from holsters (start at “ready”) and no reloading “on the clock.”

Back to the program (word play).  “Cold range” – check!  There’s “shooting matches” or “a shooting match” and then there is “matching”.

Matching.  (Jim, if we get requests are you available for consulting?)

Matching. (Jim, if we get requests are you available for consulting?) That’s “Dear Jon” photobombing “back” in July.

Our friend Sean S. mentioned in the web-a-verse the rest of “Miss Hannah’s” well matched gear.  What Sean didn’t know: she has a BUG and a phone-case that matches, as well.  Since we’re on that topic, here’s Sean’s match video at youTube:

You, too, can have a Purple People Eater… oh, can’t say “that” – let’s say that you, too, can have an Extremely Unique and Aesthetically appealing custom finish on your firearm(s) and other equipment.  Sean says: “Thanks to Carolina Ceramic Coating, Luckygunner, and Remington for their support.”

More video? No problem, Mike Jones is “totes awesome” (at matching and videos) as well. Here’s his (also at youTube):

*** “What are those three asterisks about?” absolutely nobody is asking :)  Going to tell you anyway.  It’s called “Technology Dependence” and (Epic) FAIL-ure of expectation and machines.  This is where the “Defensive” part of IDPA meets the “Practical” part of USPSA and the “real deal” of guns (competition or defense) are machines and machines are prone to failure all come together.  “What?!” everybody who just read that is asking. Just this: in competition (matches or marksmanship) and defense (Willful Speed Competition – high-stress) we want our machines to go *BANG* and sometimes (sometimes a lot) they go *KUH—LICK*  At the match Steven Frye’s and Chris Mayhue’s guns had some rare form of contagious mis-fire-itis. So many click-tap-racks…  And, a few others had the… (trumpet fare) Dreaded Double Feed (most often caused by a failure to extract): tap-rack-tap-rack-panic-lock-rip-wait-what-rack-rack-this-will-never-end-magazine-rack-rack-oh-if-this-was-real-world-defensive-kilt-on-the-skreets… We also heard that there was a squib during the match.  It happens.  If it has happened to you on our range you have “stress inoculated” yourself and you’ll be better prepared to deal with it if it happens real-world (Practical or Defensive).  “Should have” written <—– that all out in some form of English in the “Dear Jon Number 2″ post… should’a would’a could’a but we didn’t.  So…

The OLD hands of our favorite Old Hand (Sorry, Chad, had to - and Chad Thank You... for everything! Hope you had a good Veterans Day)

The OLD hands of our favorite Old Hand (Sorry, Chad, had to – and Chad Thank You… for everything! Hope you had a good Veterans Day)

In the above picture: just in front of the slide-stop/lock/release on the frame; “up” (in the picture, beneath/below in real life) from the “I.” (eye period) in “V.I.P.” is a STRESS fracture. A smaller one is mirrored on the other side of the gun at the exact same place.  In metallurgical circles they call this: a failure.  And then they say very clinically and nonchalantly, “Failure is inevitable.”  Now, scroll back up and re-read that whole “Technology Failure” and re-think “stress”.  Maybe it will – maybe it won’t – make better sense.  Chad said: “It should not have happened after *only* xyz number of rounds.”  Man-made machines: failure.  Man’s machines: failure of expectation.  Inevitable.  Technology dependence: this is Chad’s EDC, Duty, IDPA, unrelenting practice, demonstration and so many other things gun. “…there are many (sort of) like it but this one is ~his~”  And: he “lapped” everyone at the match with it.  Wow, Sir, just “wow.”

Speaking of results… here they are at Practiscore:

Still on the Tech-Dependence/Failure thing.  Dean’s camera “pooped out” during the first stage yesterday.  Glad he got the Chad’s Gun and Steven’s Flags photos before.  “It’s only 11-and-a-half years old and *only* had a couple- or few- hundred thousand digi-clicks run through it!!!”  It’s OK, there is another – a new-in-box “better” thing with low light capabilities and a big-big-memory card waiting at home (that his “My Priscilla” gave to him Christmas 2015)… “But, but, but… Mister Zappy…” he whines. All the old “Mister Zappy” photos in sets/albums over at flickr (Sorry everyone, still a year behind in uploading, partly because: this all “depends” on the tech of the internets and mine has been up-down-up-down-down-up-down all night last night and all day today.  You can better believe I almost got to the point of “tap-rack-lock-rip-rip-rip-call-cuss-like-a-sailer” hehe)

There is another... Claudia: link(s) to the pictures please, please?

There is another… Claudia: link(s) to the pictures please, please?

If anybody has any links to match videos or photos please tag us on facebook or share them as a “comment” under the “Match Results / Practiscore” post on our page.  Or, you can email the links.

“Mechanics” (machines: guns and us, how-to) and “The Law” (why/why-not to) use a gun in Self Defense (in NC from concealment).  That’s our funny way of saying: Dean Wiley, Patrick Riley, H2O, Gunner’s Choice Outfitters, Eddie Simons (possibly) and Claudia Haight (possibly) are doing that North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun (course/class) “number” again on Saturday, December 2, 2017.  $90 if you use your gun & ammo, $100 if you use theirs (.22s).
– Facebook event:
– Very detailed PDF flyer: >>>>PDF Flyer Link<<<<

Almost done reminder: Ricky Harris / Lofflin-McCraw Tactical Group are holding their “Handgun Tactics Course” here on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 as well.  Here is a detailed PDF flyer: >>>PDF Flyer Link<<<<

Last, certainly not least: two Great Veterans (both meanings of Veteran), Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn, and our own Anthony “Amp” Mangum are offering an “Advanced Handgun Class” on February 17-18, 2018 at our friend Woody’s range.  This is a truly unique opportunity as Ken (ahem, Mister Hackathorn) announced his retirement a few years back.  All the details, links, reservation information is available in a “thread” over at the Carolina Shooters Club:

That’s it. No more. One more time for those that missed it in ‘all of that’ above: Speaking of results… here they are at Practiscore:

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, we’ll see you at the Toys-For-Tots Match or the 2nd Saturday IDPA @ H2O Match on December 9.  “Publishing” while the internet is still up.

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