Dec 30 2017 Match Results and Dear Jon 2

Thanks to everyone who made it out today – not so cold after all!  And, thanks everyone who shot with us all year.  2017 has been a great year at H2O.  We wish you all a happy new year.


Memberships – Going Fast! (Thank You again “Members”)

Yearly fee for each member is $425. Family memberships (limited to 2 family members) will be $600.  Contact us about “corporate memberships.”

The range is open for members only weekdays on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday.

The range is open to members and the general public on Friday and Saturday.

Shooting is on a first come first serve basis.

The range will be closed Sunday and Monday.

Applicants are be required to attend a range/gun safety class before membership will be approved. All members are required to display a membership ID badge at all times when shooting at the range. Members are required to sign in and out on each visit to the range. Members are allowed to bring guests (limited to 2 guests per day) for a cost of $20 per guest per day.

For more information, contact Andy Howard 910-894-6701 or Chris Welch at 704-942-7881.

Dear Jon Number 2 – Improving Performance

If you are not following our “Dear Jon” letters, see the first one at:

Today “we” (me, DW) told Jon in person about the following video.  It coincidentally appeared while we were writing the original “Vol. 2” about the exact same topic.  Here’s Sig Sauer’s “P320 Training Tips: Transitions with Lena Miculek” video at youTube:

She did an excellent job of keeping it short and to the point.  It’s a real is-should-be or problem-solution lesson.  Here’s what she left out: Why.  Why do so many people “pause” between targets. The number one reason that we see at the matches is, that shooters pause to evaluate the target before moving on.  As you become more confident in your “fundamental skills” your transitions (and even the same target shot-to-shot “splits”) should become faster.  You have to “know” (trust) that if it all looks right at the front sight and feels right at the trigger-press the hole is going to be there.  The number two reason: breaking the fundamentals.  A lot of shooters “pump” the gun (go to ‘three’, or a center ready, high compressed ready) between targets.  Or worse (and slower) they “duck” the gun (kind of a half-circle locked-arm low ready and back up) between targets.  Watch the video again: note that she does not take anything apart between shots or targets.  Think: tank.

Now. Next practice session or match you shoot get someone to record video of it for you. Please, share links with us if you upload those videos somewhere.  Review yourself and/or get with the SOs, experienced shooters and instructors and have them help you review and see if “splits” or “transitions” is a thing you need to work on.

The original version was wrapped around splits and transitions because it was based on the results of the Toys for Tots Mega-BUG match last month.  Everything is equal in a BUG match (start at ready, no reloads on the clock) so the score-times are a result of only… you guessed it: splits and transitions.  That (November) Match results at Practiscore:

That’s it, Dear Jon, for Number or Edition or Volume Two.  More next year!

Dean & Patrick & Eddie’s Concealed Carry Class

Saturday, January 6, 2018.  8am “until” (usually 5:30-6:00pm). Join the facebook event or view the PDF flyer directly at but either way you have to sign up at Gunner’s Choice Outfitters in Dunn 910-892-1699 in advance.

Today’s Match Results at Practiscore

Chad Thompson! Madcap! (there’s just no words)

Oh, wait! There is words. Come see Chad Thompson and Christy of CC Ryder Band at Time Out Sports Grill in Carthage on the New Year’s Eve.  Details and maps at the facebook event: