January 13 2018 Match Results and Notes

A little bit colder than predicted, but that’s alright, 95 participants and a lot of spectators warmed our hearts. Thank you everyone for coming out – and we missed you to so many of our regulars.  Thanks again, also, for all of the purchases of Girl Scout cookies from our local troop and favorite Cookie Monster “Em” and the donations to Operation Cookie Drop.  We have much to-do in this one, so here we go!

[ Results/Scores for the impatient: Wow++ Chad, Joshua and Brock! https://practiscore.com/results/new/49417 ]

Sean C. and his Beretta 92 (M9): "Proud Much, Mom?" You should.

Sean C. and his Beretta 92 (M9): “Proud Much, Mom?” You should. (She does)

The Not Chad Is Not Bad rule: You take Chad’s (or whoever is ‘top’ that day) score-time (94.2) and double it (188.4).  If your score-time is less than that, you can “benchmark” yourself as “doing very well”.  If it is your second match… and your score-time is 176.58, and your draw involved double-concealment (sweep and pull-over), and your first shot is that long-double-action-Beretta-pull, and you are a ‘youth/junior’ category shooter: AWESOME!  The other part of the Not Chad Is Not Bad rule: beginners should be extremely proud of themselves to finish within a 4-times-Chad score-time (368 as a ‘benchmark’ for 1/13); everyone, all shooters finished way, way under that (305). Everyone: AWESOME! We have AWESOME! people at our matches. Just sayin’ :)

2018 – Upping Our Online Game

For a lot of reasons we are making big efforts to do ‘better’ with our use of the internet this year.  We are going to add Facebook ‘events’ for all of our matches (Feb is online at: https://www.facebook.com/events/560248977641170/ ). We are “listing” them at idpa.com and practiscore.com.  We will make bigger & better efforts to assemble participants photos and videos and get them shared in the events, here, and other places.

One of the reasons: Luke Apps / Triangle Tactical Podcast had to stop their “Match Calendar” this year. We thank you, LA/TT, for all the work you put into that for all of these years. Make sure to check out the podcast(s) at: https://triangletactical.net/ or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TriangleTactical/

Another “Giant Thanks” goes out to Candy Sugarman and the Gun Powder Gals.  They have been making and maintaining Facebook events and promoting our matches and ranges “just because” for a lot of years also.  If she/they have any spare time we are going to keep them as co-hosts of our Facebook events. Check out the Gals at: https://www.facebook.com/GunPowderGals/

<3 You "Cookie Monster"

<3 You “Cookie Monster”


(Picture above) It’s Girl Scout Cookie time. Thanks again everyone for helping Em and her troop.  Locals and “defense aficionados” you can double-up on your “got something really good for my time and money” by contacting her father (Carson Harrington, Sensei) and Charles Burrows, Renshi at Kokufuku (ko-koof-ku) School of Martial Arts in Dunn. https://www.facebook.com/kokumartialarts/ Or, talk to us when you’re out here at the range and we’ll get you together with your cookies.

Sean C. meet The[e] Chad Thompson - and his Beretta. Both of you: Awesome.

Sean C. meet The[e] Chad Thompson – and his Beretta. Both of you: Awesomeness.

A little birdie told us… or the wind… that someone asked: “What takes place at an event like this?” We hang out and shoot some guns, Sue. Make some friends. Dote on our “new friends” and their amazing children and amazing children’s *correct* choice of firearms (Beretta! we could use some sponsorships for Chad T. 9LL Only and up-and-coming Sean C., please kthnx). Oh, we push their Girl Scout Cookies, too. “Buy more Girl Scout Cookies and shoot Beretta,” we thought we heard the wind whispering. Hang out, shoot some guns a little longer, start calling our friends “family”. Like that, not much really. Why did we say “Sue?” Don’t know, the wind we’re guessing. The wind also said in a howling, haunting kind of way: “OMG! Pattie?! He doesn’t practice that!? Look out Chad (who does practice a lot a lot), someone besides Joshua and Kevin is puttin’ the pressure on you!”

OK. Enough of all that. Range Membership info is on our “Ranges” page. A couple of announcements from Amp (Match Director) at the match that seem important:
* All Mega-B.U.G. matches at H2O are going to be “full match format” (draw from holsters, reload on the clock, load to 5 only, unlimited shooting) from now on.
* There is much interest in another day-and-night set of matches. We’re working on it. Coming Soon.

The next match is Saturday, February 10, 2018. Get yourself [Going] at the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/560248977641170/

Again: Results/Scores for the match: https://practiscore.com/results/new/49417


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