Feb 10 2018 Match Results

Thanks to 53 shooters for waiting through ‘a little’ rain for a late start – but very good – match. Extra-thanks to all the “New Safety Officers” who beeped us into action for their first official time today.

Barry L. in Stage One.
Barry L. in Stage One.

We’re going to keep it short today. But, first:

Happy Birthday Ash!!!

…and last. Wow, Kevin. 15 seconds out in front!

The NC Concealed Carry Handgun class mentioned today is on Saturday, February 24. Get all the details and a link to the flyer at the (link->) facebook event.

Our next match is Saturday, March 10. Daylight savings time starts that night so matches from April until November will have registration/orientation from 8am until 9am and shooting starts at 9. Join the (link -> ) facebook event to stay up to date with the March 10th happenings.

Here’s the scores at Practiscore: https://practiscore.com/results/new/50858

Nice work to Ian Foo and Chris Kropp.  Both earned Master (MA) classification today. They shot the new Abbreviated (5×5) Classifier. Here’s their times & scores:
Ian: String 1: 3.01 String 2: 4.58 String 3: 6.31 String 4: 3.37 Total raw time: 17.27
* Points down: 2 Total: 19.27
Chris: String 1: 2.77 String 2: 3.59 String 3: 6.80 String 4: 2.88 Total raw time: 16.04
* Points down: 2 Total: 18.04