March 10 2018 Day and Night Match Results

Where to begin? We always start with the “thanks giving” so let’s do that. Thank you to 88 day shooters and 50 night shooters. Thanks a million to the Match Director (Amp), Stage Designers and Safety Officers for about 14 “straight” hours of extremely hard work. We can’t thank Eddie and Carson enough for the “statistician” work until after 11pm (12:00am adjusted for DST)***.

Stage 6 at night. Photo Credit: Sean Sorentino

Stage 6 at night. Photo Credit: Sean Sorrentino

*** Murphy’s Law (the old one, not Robocop) = technology dependence inevitably leads to technology failure (ok, maybe yes Robocop). “Tap, Rack, Ready.” We tapped the night scores into the iPads, we racked them (synced them together), ready checked them for uploading and: 19/50 scores complete. This is why we do it on paper. And, thanks again a million more Carson, Eddie and Shari (!!!! get well soon, Shari !!!): 30 scores just entered re-entered and *luckily* uploaded without further incident. “Guns and computers are man-made machines and prone to failure.”

Jumping back to thanks: thanks Craig for convincing Las Gringas to bring the catering truck and get everyone well fed. Thank you Las Gringas for coming. Contact them for your events:

Yin-and-Yang and the Art of Shooting Range Family

Suddenly – thinking about a dear friend and ‘great’ shooter saying of the Night Match that it was great and different and new and so on and so on – we (I) got thinking about that same great friend and his wonderful wife (our other great friend/family). She is having some health related life trials right now and needs our “collective positive energy and good vibrations” (or hopes, thoughts and prayers for those of us that don’t have to speak in Californian – aka normal – people). Here’s all of us <3-ing to you “Ms”.  <— that’s the yang

Yin. We asked in these pages once before for the *good stuff* for our friends-become-family R & K. K is on the way-way-way-UP in relation to the health glitch. Thank you everyone and we <3 you R&K.

Back to the 10th

One of our long time regulars shot in the night with us. His first time working his “Master” level skills in the dark. Not to misquote him we’ll just paraphrase it as: Wow! Best! Must do it again! Thanks, sir, we will. Changing nothing but the lighting changes everything. There’s many lessons in that – especially in relation to guns – but we’ll leave it at: think about it. Compare the same shooter same stages day and night scores.  If you didn’t join us last night or last year then make sure to join us at our next night shoot.

“Nice work, Sirs.” goes out to Chris W. and Joshua Y. for “making MAster” in the 5×5 classifier. Chris 18.46 and Joshua 19.30.

Thanks to Sean S. for the above night photo and pre-thanks for the pending video (due late on the 11th). We’ll get links up here and on our facebook page when we have them. Or, you can just “wait for it” by subscribing to his youTube:

Moving Forward

Did you remember to move the clocks forward from 2am to 3am?  Reminder: from now until the clocks change ‘back’ Registration / Orientation is from 8:00am and matches start at 9:00am.

Dean Wiley is holding a Concealed Carry Handgun class on March 24th. Links in the coming soon sections of this site soon.

Our next match is a 5th Saturday Mega-BUG match on the 31st. “Our” new format: 60 rounds “required” with all loading devices loaded to 5 rounds only, but: shoot until you are happy. Not “limited” any more.

After that the regular 2nd Saturday IDPA Match is on April 14.

The 2nd Saturday in May match will be the NC Shooting Sports Games Annual match here at H2O.

Facebook events and updated webpages and / listings asap.

We’ve got to wrap this up – sorry it rambled – we were up until 11:30-ish doing and re-doing scores.

Scores at Practiscore:





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