March 31 2018 Mega-BUG Match Results

Thanks everyone for joining us this holiday weekend for what turned out to be a fantastic Mega-BUG match. Thanks-plus to all of the Safety Officers for the setup and hard work all day.  Thanks-plus-plus to Ash D. for some very cool stages.

"The prettiest gun has the prettiest run."
“The prettiest gun has the prettiest run.”

We want to wish everyone a Happy Easter tomorrow.

Not a lot of news and announcements today.  The next match is our regular 2nd Saturday IDPA match on April 14th.  After that is the 5th running of the North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association’s Shooting Sports Games (IDPA match) on Saturday May 12th. Scores will be completed ASAP after the match and medals rewarded.

Thanks again to 57 shooters (2 shot two guns so ’59’ scores) and we’ll hope to see you out here for practice between now and full match in two weeks.

Here’s the scores at practiscore: