May 12 2018 NC Shooting Sports Games Results

Thank you to 92 shooters, SOs, stage designers, everyone!, for making the 5th Annual running of North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association’s NC Shooting Sports Games IDPA match a success. Chief Hall (Coats PD) thanks for hanging out with us in the heat all day – and Anna thanks for letting him and driving him :) . We’ve got a lot of ground to cover this time. Stand by…


We’ll start by giving an internet high-five to the North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association (NCRPA). They are fighting the good fight for us in NC and they are directly promoting and building interest in firearms, hunting and shooting here in NC. Check them out and join:

Special Thanks to Tactical & Outdoor Wear for setting up, sponsoring and being with us at the match. On facebook: or their website:

Manna Church Capital Area got us started with donuts and coffee, and our invocation. Thank You very much! On facebook: or their website:

Mister Bobby "solving the problem" (?) and earning the gold medal in CDP UN

Mister Bobby “solving the problem” (?) and earning the gold medal in CDP UN

Sean Sorrentino’s match video at facebook: or at youTube:

Super Brush donated $500.00 worth of their Swab-its® products that were given away. We must say thank you and check out their products at:

92 shooters, 95 degrees (“realfeelz” around 110 down in the bays) and we were done, cleaned up, scores posted, medals given out, and off-range at 2:00PM. We must THANKS! to Carson Harrington, Eddie Simons, Jack Simons, Chris Welch, and of course Shari for getting the scores done during the match. [Sorry this is ‘next day’ – webguy had too many todos on Saturday, including…]

Happy 50th Birthday Chad and Brad Thompson. For the next year we’re going to call him Chad Fih’Eee Cent Thompson.

Action! We must interrupt these long posts with action shots. BB earning one of his TWO gold medals.

Action! We must interrupt these long posts with action shots. BB earning one of his TWO gold medals.

OK! a few announcements and we’ll let you go.

Leanne: Gold in your DIV. Dean has your medal and we’ll make sure you get it next match. And, yay again to you and Patrick.

CCNCFG is having a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Class next week, Saturday, May 19th. Jess Alphin is talking lead on this one, Dean Wiley is assisting. All the details at the facebook event:

June is a five-Saturday month, so we’ll be having two matches:
* 2nd Saturday IDPA on June 9th
* 5th Saturday Mega-BUG (back-up guns, less than 4 inches) on the 30th

We can’t remember anything else right now. Here’s the scores at practiscore:

We’re going to leave you with a photo this time.


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