July 14 2018 Match Results

Thanks, as always, to all of our shooters and spectators for making today a great, fun day here at H2O. All of the SOs and other volunteers that make these matches happen: Thank You! An extra note of thanks to Shari, Andy, Carson and Eddie for getting the scores done so fast. A-little-lot to do today (not a lot lot) so here we go…

At last! LR got her Gold from the NC Shooting Sports Games (back in May).
At last! LR got her Gold from the NC Shooting Sports Games (back in May).

Registration is open for the August 11th match at Practiscore. We ‘told it’ to (o)Allow squadding after registration – No approval or payment required. We also ‘told it’ to include a squadding link in the ‘Thank You’ (registration) email. email us if you have any trouble and we’ll look into it.

At the time of this page being written we hadn’t got the Aug 11 facebook event done yet. If you follow us on facebook you’ll see it when we get it done. https://www.facebook.com/h2ofowlfarms/

Action ‘shots’, what would a match be without action shots…?

Jon R - 2 brass up, down zero, big ole puff o' dust
Jon R – 2 brass up, down zero, big ole puff o’ dust

CCFGNC is holding a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun class next week. All the details at their facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/435275833617658/

Sean’s video of today’s match is not up at the time of this writing. Stay tuned (you could subscribe) to his youTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sdsorrentino

Two shooters ran the Abbreviated (5×5) Classifier today and both earned Master (MA).
Sean Haffner :: 3.19 + 3.76 + 6.09 + 3.16 = 16.20 raw with 3 Down = 19.20
Dillon Ventzke :: 2.31 + 3.83 + 5.37 + 2.47 = 13.98 raw with 6 Down = 19.98

The coming soon:
– 2nd Saturday IDPA on Saturday August 11
– September has 5 Saturdays so we’ll be having the full match on the 8th and a BUG match on the 29th.

Thank you all – again – and please come out and shoot with us. Range hours and prices – and membership information at our ‘ranges’ page: http://h2ofowlfarmsnc.com/shooting-ranges/

Might have been a-lot-a-lot instead of a little… here’s the scores and Practiscore: