August 11 2018 Match Results

Thanks goes out to 75 shooters for braving the hot-heat and mud-mud and joining us today. Dancing between the raindrops “they” say – we danced between the rain events* today and it turned out really good. *=storms at 4AM and 3PM. Thanks deluxe, as always, to our Safety Officers (SOs), Match Director (MD) Amp, score keepers and stage designers.

Today's action pic: Welcome back Jason H. (He said it's been about a year.) Stage 6 in the rifle bay.

Today’s action pic: Welcome back Jason H. (He said it’s been about a year.) Stage 6  rifle bay.

OK! Thanks for your patience and understanding. It is done (and tested). Pre-registration for the September 8 Match is open at practiscore – and squadding works. Free practiscore account is required. Check it out and sign-up/register and pick your squad at:

September is also a five Saturday month so we will be holding a Back Up Gun (BUG) match on the 5th Saturday, September 29th at 9am. We’ll get registration opened up at practiscore in a few weeks and will have links on the coming soon areas of this site. First-time match shooters: BUG matches are an excellent low(er) round count way to get into competitive shooting.

Keven K. and Brian E.

Kevin K. and Brian E.

A good friend of ours, Kevin Kelley (above picture left), is moving away. He’s been shooting with us since we started having matches and he’s been “winning” a-whole-lot of those matches – including today’s. (blah blah no “winners” in IDPA, whatever he set the bar, then :) ) We’ll be missing you, Kevin, and wishing you all the best. Come hang out with us when you get a chance.

Can’t think of anything else right now, so the scores for today’s match and one more good action shot:

SO Barry Lewis gettin' it done on Hackathorn's 1-2-3-4-5 drill

SO Barry Lewis gettin’ it done on Hackathorn’s 1-2-3-4-5 drill

p.s.: Oops, suddenly remembered. Where were you today Sean? You better bring a note for this absence!!!! Since Sean S. was MIA today, anyone who has match video, please, please send us a link or share it on our facebook page.

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