Oct 13 2018 Match Results and Notes

Thank you so much, everyone, for “falling in” with us on the first beautiful weather day we’ve had for a match since (wait for it) March. Started in the 60s, ended in the very low 70s, shooter count was in the middle 80s. (musically) Who could ask for anything more? (end music) An extra-extraordinary Thank You to the stage designers and MD (Amp) for six short-sweet-but-challenging and “super fun” stages**. Much todo on the list today (day late, sorry), so: standby!

Just in case Combat-Focus (or lock, aka tunnel vision) doesn't happen enough... Safety Officer (SO) Kevin
Just in case Combat-Focus (or lock, aka tunnel vision) doesn’t happen enough… Safety Officer (SO) Kevin H in Stage 5.

We’ve got so(oooo) much today. For you impatient gamers, here’s the Practiscore scores/results right after this important message. Nice Work, Brian Edwards. CLEAN MATCH! https://practiscore.com/results/new/67873

Awesome Video and Welcome Back, Friends

Jack and Eddie (many thank you-s for the scores) re-appeared. Yay! And… Sean came back with a cool new gizmo: an iPhone 7 in a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 mount. SMOOTH (sorry caps, it really is) and STABILIZED (*caps-sorry again) video. (Yes, Apple and DJI, he will accept ‘free/promotional/review’ devices. 🙂 Us, too.)

YouTube video of Sean’s match, featuring an interesting ~intro?~ by SO Kevin H (pictured above):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IByQ_JS7O2U

YouTube video BY Sean of shooter J. Lee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPMlCDRuyOE

Demerit! Demerit! These aren’t the rules you’re looking for. Go about your business.

Thanks to Jay Hafemeister (and Sean’s videos above) we have been re-educated. Errrr, “remediated”. Errrr, “clarified”. Never mind, let’s talk about Stage 1, Oct. 13, 2018. Those last three targets and “rules without consequences”. Here’s what Jay said about ‘that’ stage: “Gamer suggestion: On the first stage, it would likely have been faster to retreat to the spot where you engaged the last target to engage all 3 low targets.” (Spoiler: He’s right.) Discussion(s) and rule book reading ensued. “Fault Lines” and “positions of cover”. Want to play along? The rule book in question is at: https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/themes/idpa/assets/match-files/2017_Rule_Book.pdf

3.2.4 If targets are hidden by cover, the targets are engaged as they become visible around the edge of cover (slicing the pie).

3.5.2 When cover is available it must be used, while engaging targets, unless the shooter is “in the open” and must engage targets “in the open.” Shooters may not cross or enter any openings (doorways, open spaces, etc.) without first engaging targets visible from those locations.

3.6.1 Fault Lines must be employed by Match Directors to mark the limit of a Position of Cover or shooting positions for a CoF.

(and again at) 6.3 Fault Lines
A. Fault Lines must be used by match directors to delineate cover at a cover position to reduce disputed penalties.
(…but see A-F)

So. There we have it. Except. “We didn’t (3.6.1 and 6.3A).”  So? Now what? IDPA has no rules for “Oops, MD and Club at a Club-Level match missed a little something something.” Now, what? Now… nothing. Except: if you don’t like your Stage 1 score, pretend it didn’t happen. We’ll get a can of paint or something for next match.

Thank you, Jay. It won’t happen again (we hope :O ).

Coming Soon

Reminder: There is NO Classifier as a Match match this month. We are combining the new 5×5 Abbreviated Classifier (as a match) into the Saturday, November 24, 2018 ~ Toys for Tots Charity Match.

Friday, November 2 through (possibly) Sunday November 4: Dean Wiley will be conducting a North Carolina Private Protective Services [Board] “FULL” 20-hour “Armed Guard Certification Course”. Details including cost at: http://imfscorp.com/nov-2-4-2018-ncpps-handgun-certification-course/

Sat-Sun, November 3-4, 2018: Daylight Saving Time ENDS ~ Matches start at 10:00am (registration 9-10 am).

Saturday, November 10: 2nd Saturday IDPA. See the bold-italic note above re: starts “later”.

Saturday, November 17, CCNCFG will be having a ~discount~ NC Concealed Carry Handgun class in Dunn, NC. Join the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/273626526540975/ and/or look at the flyer directly (PDF): http://imfscorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2018_1117_NCCCH_Flyer.pdf

Interesting Phenomena (menomena, dah dah dee dah dah) Observed in the Alligator Swamp

"My man! Bobby Mac-A" stompin' in the swamp in which 6 alligators were trying to eat some unwise waders. (Stage 3)
“My man! Bobby Mac-A” stompin’ in the swamp in which 6 alligators were trying to eat some unwise waders. (Stage 3)

Tunnel vision. Combat/Stress Lock/Focus. Ocular occlusion. (Loss of peripheral vision.) Let’s call this one “mental (or memorized)  myopia and the associated ‘problems’ caused during target acquisition and engagement.” (Loss of real-world perspective. Do your eyes lie to you?)

Click or tap on the image above to view it full size and resolution, zoom it in, and look closely at the two targets in the back. Almost all of the shooters worked this stage like a type-writer or reading a book: front-to-back and left-to-right. Looking closely at the back targets: the left one is “head facing left with down zero body ring near the left side of the target” and the right one is flipped the other way (down zero body ring is near the right side). Now look at all the “stickers (or pasters)”. Both targets were shot as if they were both facing left. Without the “heads” the groupings are very distinctively in the same place on both. This was Bobby’s squads’ last stage so this is photographic/forensic “proof” that 85-ish shooters all did the same thing. Shot the left and left-facing target and got down-zero hits, transitioned to the right target with a “mental imprint” of the last target and got a lot (an awful lot) of down-one hits.

Except… Brian Edwards. He shot a CLEAN MATCH.

Dry-Fire practice types. Here’s a drill of the day for you. Set up the targets as above (approximately 10 yards for the far ones), 3 shots on all targets. Stop yourself when you get to that 2nd ‘back’ target and look carefully as to where that front sight is pointing. Something to think about, because it really happens/happened.

That’s it. Take the classes above. Come shoot with us at the matches above. Do the dry-fire drill above. And: come shoot with us often. Members Tuesday through Saturday. Non-Members Friday and Saturday.

Re-Link to scores: https://practiscore.com/results/new/67873