December 29 2018 Match Results, Year End Notes, Notes and Help Wanted (Needed)

Thanks everyone for a great match on what turned out to be a great day (now yesterday – see ‘help wanted’). Almost 70 degrees and miraculously less soft, wet and muddy than was expected. A big and bold THANK YOU to all for making 2018 such a great year here at H2O. The biggest-est, boldest thanks of all to “Baby T” for joining the H2O Family this year and making Andy and Shari’s 2018 grand. Much on the to-do list. Ready Kids? Here we go…


For the TL;DR crew, scores at practiscore:

With a huge sigh of relief, Chief Matthew “Jeremy” Hall of Coats PD is 10-8. Thanks – so many thanks – to everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, wishes and help (and offers of help) to Jeremy (ahem – Chief Hall, sir!) and his family during this rather rough-tough year. So many more thanks to you and your family, Chief, for being part of our family and letting us be part of yours.

[ RAWR! FTDR on toast in 3… ]

Coastal Carolina Challenge 2019

At long last, details/info and the [aggravating] link(s) we’ve been talking about for months. The Coastal Carolina Challenge 2019 is a Level 2 IDPA match being held at Ant Hill Shooting Range (Bolivia/South Port/Oak Island, NC) on Friday and Saturday, March 22-23, 2019. $110. 180 rounds (minimum) – 11 stages and a “warm-up” stage.

You *must* be a classified IDPA member to shoot Tier/Level 2/II IDPA matches. Here’s the match at, where you can conveniently and quickly join the IDPA as well:

Here’s the match registration page (you must sign up for a practiscore account):

Make sure to check the boxes and/or contact the Match Director if you are an IDPA Safety Officer (SO) and are willing to SO (SSO) at the match.

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December 29 2018 5×5 Classifiers

Nice job, Carson Harrington, Master (MA)
Nice job, Carson Harrington, Master (MA)

Tony Colón: see the (rant FTDR) notes below about “why your classification is not showing up at

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Coming Very Soon at H2O

Saturday, January 12, 2019 our regular second Saturday International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Match. Registration/Orientation from 9am to 10am, shooting starts at 10am. Sign-up, register, squad at practiscore:

Full-Use / Small Classes in the new Range House. It’s so very, very close to our first ever “indoor class on an outdoor range”. We’re working on some “stuff”. Stay tuned.

<3 You "Cookie Monster"

(Above) Our favorite cookie monster, Em, back in January of this year. Guess what’s happening next month, dear H2O family? Em and her Girls Scout Troop are at it again and we sure could use your sweet-teeth and $$$$ to help them reach their goals in 2019.

[ Awwwww-wuh! Our range children and/or music should sooth the savage… ]

Beast: “RAWR” – FTDR On Toast – DW DQ? – Help Wanted (NEEDED!) – Rantery

( Everything in this area is the sole responsibility of Dean Wiley and if you have thoughts/comments/complaints about it you should contact him by email ONLY at [<– look at that, not even hidden from spam-bots] with a CC: to Andy at )

December 28, 2018 Dear Diary: I just [Publish]-ed my 150th weblog post at H2O’s website. “Dang,” myself asked me, “you been doin’ that page for 40 years or what?” Nope, in March of 2019 it will have been 7. That’s just the weblog… scores, SO, “brass buster”, facespace (that’s what I call  The Facebook for you traditionalists), (RAWR again because auto-correct keeps chainging idpa to idea and I have to retype, click the (x), and then fix it again after I press enter on the paragraph ) rules and the “new” Nightmare-Mode website, beach-bunny software, practiscore (same RAWR, “practicer” (x) [enter] again) site and that semi-horrible iPad software, match photos (now over 2 years behind), collecting links to photos and videos… RAWR! Say “FAULT LINE” again, I dare you!

True Story: December 10, 2016, supposed to be on the way to the range, laying in the bed sipping on coffee thinking, “Never again. Sorry, Andy/Shari, Amp, everyone.” I don’t remember why from way back then. What I do remember is that following the “recommended for you” links at youTube led me to a song-bird girl singing a lovely song and an email message from Candy Sugarman (!!!! sugarcane retype (x) !!!!!) of the Gun Powder Gals made me think, precisely, “Suck it up, buttercup” and go do the work. And, renew my “NRA Law Enforcement Division Instructor Credentials” which I was going to drop until right that minute.

Tony Colón. Thank you for shooting with us and for joining the IDPA. (In caps autocorrect doesn’t mess it up.) Here’s your first dose of IDPA in the new millennium: (1) they let you register with your name how you want it, I copied it from the site; (2) back in November when the made the website so much “better” they took away “manual entry” of classification scores (make a special file, you’ll figure it out we’re sure of it and upload it) so I cannot enter your scores; (3) I’m a (ex?) computer nerd extraordinaire and I can figure out non-documented files, no problem; and (4), when I try to upload the file the way it’s shown in the picture way up there and the 2nd file I made just for you with your name spelled correctly because I copied it from the IDPA site itself: “Last name does not match idpa [IDEA!!!!!!] user : please edit row A1001586 Col[]n” I’ll call them or email them or scream so loud that they hear me 10 states away whenever they decide that they’ve had enough vacation. We’ll figure it out “they” say. Thank you again for shooting with us, shooting the classifier with me, and for your patience as “we” get this resolved.

“You are an ambassador of the sport.” ~IDPA

Like “real” ambassadors, there’s a lot more of feeling like an embarrassed ass than anything else in the IDPA SO rackets. When you make a fool (spelled “a–s—s”) of yourself to one of the good-guys: be sorry (I am) and say it: “Duane, I’m sorry. You know what for.” And: nice shooting, Tex, 1 down for a whole match.

Rant Reduction Act of 2018 – Help Wanted / NEEDED

(I’ve been at ‘this’ now for over 3 hours… multiply that by 150. *sigh*)  I spoke with Carson H., Eddie and Jack a little yesterday, they are at least willing to listen to “This is what ‘we’ need help with re: H2O range digital stuff” and think about “is there anything ~you~ can do…?

We are about 5 years out of date (50+ 'computer years') with our CMS
We are about 5 years out of date (50+ ‘computer years’) with our CMS

H2O needs a (group?) of “Online / Social Media Director(s)”. We desparately need to “Update” the WordPress, but, we are well aware of the millions of complaints from WordPress users about how “Update” = “Kill” in the realm of WP. We (I) would like to assemble a “team” to attack this thing with a good plan, some good back-ups, and get the H2O website bouncing down the “modern” information super-highway once again. We “need” to get mobile-friendly (reflexive) and up-to-date throughout the site. The next “follow-up(s)” with that is co-ordinating the “web site presence” with Social Media (currently limited to Facebook and Dean’s 2-year-out-of-date photos at flickr). We need: events at Facebook, follow-ups/updates/photos/videos all linked-together in the many popular social platforms (that’s instagram, twitter, others for you young people, “the forums” and youTube for those a little longer in the tooth).

H2O needs, what those in the Curriculum Vitae set call, “Statisticians.” We like to call them, “Score Keepers.” It’s a little more complicated than tapping on the tablet. You have to be very familiar with Practiscore and the (web-sites-suck-in-2019) very complicated and not very sensible website at (I’m about at wits end, I’m going to throw this computer across the room and shoot a clean 5×5 Abbreviated Classifier into it in GM type time… me: practiscore auto: practicer me: nuh-nuh auto: huh-huh) Until we get tablets down in the bays (lots of people keep asking for it, we might just deliver, so get ready to spend an extra 1-2 hours in the bays during the match you “I want MY scores right now MY match is over and I won’t take a picture of MY sheet to have MY scores with MY phone either” people), “statisticians” add up the down-points on the paper so that “we” can enter them into the tablets as “one paper target” instead of “the hard way” (see setting up a match at practicer <—!!!!!). When all the scores are entered, we “sync devices” and post results. Links need to go up here (website) and any social media (currently Facebook). As the “push” for tablets in the bays gets harder, “statisticians” will have to set up the match online and in the “master” tablet and be responsible for “pulling” exact un-change-able perfect stage designs (in writing) from the stage designers.

Also, does anyone know how to add a “Local Level” match at the “New” (Nightmare Mode) IDPA website? When I try it says “Level 2” and up.

“Must be able to work well with others and be self-motivated…” (hahaha just kidding) The Great Rewards? Shoot your match(es) for free? Free “membership”? Negotiable, but we don’t have a lot of $$$$ to pay some one, if you catch our drift.

Still with me, H2O friends and family? You better be! ( <3 ) Here’s the short: “Dean’s tired, boss. Dog tired.” Sorry it’s “loopy” and “ranty” – I promise I’ve been self-editing for a long time. But, I think it’s better to attack it this way then to just send an email to Amp/Andy/Shari saying: “Done. Out.”

I (and the “we” of the range/match people at H2O) need a few “willing, coordinated, and committed” helpers. We’ll put something together for reward other than “you can write it on your resume/CV and linkedin” and we’ll give you Big-Love here and on our Facebook page.

IDPA Last Rant

“I have two rules for the match: Be Safe and Have Fun. If ~you~ are not being safe then I am not having fun.” ~Me, Dean

RE: those fault lines. Rhetorical Q: When some one is shooting a gun, what should be the MOST IMPORTANT thing on their mind? IDPA Answer: where their toes are while they are balancing precariously on one foot, hanging all of their body weight on an empty plastic barrel-stack and reaching unnaturally around and in-front of the ‘barricade’ to shoot that impossible target mostly blind with the support hand. Because dangerous-stupid-human-tricks are so much more satisfying to win-winners of “Andy’s and Shari’s beautiful big back yard shooting fellowships” than being safe and having fun. The thrill of holding up that “procedure finger”, the anticipation of someone falling down or dropping their gun and getting to say “Dairy Queen”, the agony of the feet…

A shooter on my squad yesterday said (in paraphrase): He is not going to come shoot full matches (or maybe not even another BUG match) with us because the fault lines were too difficult for him. The straw that broke the camels back so to speak, not “only the fault lines”.

My heart is broken. I need to return to paying some $ and shooting for my own self in Andy & Shari’s big beautiful back yard. …and leaving! as soon as my last shot is fired with my own scores kept up with by me. Thanks “idea” – I don’t want to be an embarrassed ass of the sport any more.


Going back into “we” mode. Happy New Year 2019 H2O Friends and Family. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done and all of this post that you have read 🙂 If you are “interested” in helping out with the digital stuff let us know ASAP! Next month marks the completion of SEVEN full years of operation of the shooting range(s) and matches here at H2O.

Scroll way back up there and look at all the good stuff prior to the FTDR rant, because it’s good to end positive, what a cute little baby…

…and because that’s where I left the Dec 29 BUG Match scores link 🙂 …ahem, cough, “we”, that’s where we left the link…